Fenix TK-75 flashlight

Before Fenix Lights products arrived, a couple of years ago, the overall general opinion about Chinese-made tactical flashlight was at best summed up by the word "Junk". This may still be true for some products, but not for Fenix Lights at all. The company worked as a R&D and production plant for many world-famous US-based brands for a long time, before finally going independent with a generous base of technical knowledge and capabilities concerning aluminium machining, LEDs, programmable chips, and whatever else is required for the production of modern tactical and utility flashlights.

Fenix Lights is also the manufacturer and the distributor of one of the best hand-held flashlights currently available on the market, that being the TK75 model. Built out of a machined Type III anodized aluminium, the TK75 has been the world's most powerful flashlight for a long time after it launch, and still is offers one of the most powerful outputs available.

The Fenix TK75 flashlight is powered through eight commercial 3V CR123A batteries, or four rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion batteries (not included); its bezel features three CREE XM-LU2 LEDs whose output can be set to four different levels, ranging from 18 to 2600 Lumen, plus two additional Strobe and SOS signal functions. The TK75 performance is ANSI-NEMA certified for up to 50k hours of LED operational lifetime.

The Fenix TK75 flashlight is approximately half a kilo heavy and is 18.5 centimetres long, with a 9cm. wide bezel and a battery life ranging from 1.¼ up to 200 hours depending from the selected output. Each Fenix TK75 flashlight comes with spare OR, lanyard, and an USB port for an enhancement kit sold separately to boost up the battery life through either an additional power pack or an external power source − an indeed useful feature for rescue personnel, especially when deployed in SAR or disaster relief operations.

Fenix Light products are distributed in Italy and Europe-wide by Künzi S.p.A. out of Bresso (northern Italy). Its average price ranges from 220,00€ up.