EasyHit PXS-1000

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Sweden has a long tradition in the field of tactical gunsights and non-conventional aiming devices − that's the Country where the concept itself of modern, electronic red dot sights first saw the light, back when Aimpoint AB started to operate out of Malmö in 1974.

In the past forty years or so, technological evolution allowed this kind of aiming devices to make some huge step forward in miniaturization, technology and management of energy sources necessary to generate  the "red dot" itself.

Some of these aiming devices feed through batteries, others use mild radioactive sources, others do nothing more to gather even the slightest source of environmental light and project it on a small screen as an aiming dot.

The EasyHit PXS-1000 is part of this last segment: it requires no battery, there's no need to turn it on or off, it's lightweight (50 grams overall) and extremely small, and most important of all, it's aimed to a category of guns for which only a small number of dedicated tactical gun sights exists: shotguns.

As a matter of fact, civilians shooters and both military and Law Enforcement professionals widely employ purpose-built red-dot, holographic and reflex gunsight on handguns, rifles and carbines, but most commercial-grade shotguns − exception made for a small number of tactically-oriented models − has been impervious to this kind of aiming device so far. Reasons are many: hunting and sports shooting shotguns generally don't feature the required rails to fit them (most hunting shotguns, as a matter of fact, aren't even drilled and tapered to mount a rail!); red dot sights are seen as too large and heavy or "useless" by many sportsmen; and most of all, a vast majority of shotgun hunters deem red dot sights as too expensive for them.

The EasyHit PXS-1000 solves most of problems: it has been conceived to attach directly to the aiming barrel rib on all shotguns, through a number of adjustable screws that will firmly hold it in place on all 6mm to 10mm thick ribs.

Its main structure is machined out of hard-anodized aeronautics-grade aluminium alloy and employs optical glass lenses; all parts are finished with a waterproof protective coating.
Holding the peculiar properties of lead shots and other shotgun ammunition into proper consideration, the EasyHit PXS-1000 features no real "red dot", more like a red circle that will encompass the area where the shot pattern or the slug will totally or partially reach the target, so to make it easier to collimate: a true Easy Hit to make!

Has anyone of yours, dear ALL4SHOOTERS.COM readers and followers, ever tried it out? What kind of experience do you have with this peculiar red dot shotgun sight? What are your impressions, your opinions? LET US KNOW!