C.R.K.T. Range Bag Tool

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C.R.K.T. Range Bag Tool
The Range Bag Tool owes its odd shape to mechanical engineer Glenn Clecker, long time cooperator with CRKT

The Range Bag Tool was developed by CRKT in cooperation with Crimson Trace, the leading american manufacturer of Laser equipped grips for guns.

In order to install and sight in the Crimson Trace Laser grips some instruments are needed and with the RBT the shooter can keep in his pocket a little toolbox.  Designed by mechanical engineer Glenn Klecker, the RBT is loosely disc shaped with a maximum diameter of 68 mm and is 15 mm thick. The inner stainless steel core is protected by two black Polypropilene plates. The CTC logo is embedded at the center of the upper plate.  

C.R.K.T. Range Bag Tool
The two 0.028" & 0.050" CTC Allen wrenches are held in slots between the stainless steel frame and the plastic scales

RBT has a 1.775" 5CR13 high carbon stainless steel blade with a combined Triple-Point serrated edge. Blade is satin finished and hardness in about 51-53 HRC. The short blade lenght and the lack of a locking system suggest to use of the RBT as a knife for light tasks, such opening a carboard box or cutting packtread. Assuming that you will likely use this tool primarily in a shooting range, the short profile of the blade is not an issue. The Range Bag tool features also two fold-out screwdriver blades, both flat (with 3 mm wide head) and Phillips, plus a bottle opener. 

C.R.K.T. Range Bag Tool
The short blade lacks a locking system and is not intended for heavy tasks

The two 0.028" & 0.050" CTC Allen wrenches are securely held in slots between the stainless steel frame and the plastic scales, allowing the shooter to find an put them to use in a blink of an eye. A removable stainless steel pocket/gear clip is included.

The RBT is in an ingeniuos pocket size tool with the advantages and the limits of something that was designed to be used in symbiosis with another product, in this case the Crimson Trace Laser Grips.

Anyway if you are uno of the quarter million people that in the last years purchased a CTC Laser grip handguns and rifles, you will find this tool useful and smart.