CRKT Black Woods Chogan T-Hawk, a heavy-duty tomahawk

The trend of modern “tactical”, utility or combat tomahawks has been a well established one for many years now, at least since Peter LaGana introduced its modern tomahawks for the Vietnam War in the late 1960s.

CRKT Black Woods Chogan T-Hawk, left side
The carbon steel blade features an axe cutting edge and a hammerhead on the other side.

CRKT, a company well-known to enthusiasts for its knives and tools, already introduced an original design with the Woods Chogan T-Hawk in 2014. Now, CRKY is releasing a new exclusive edition with a black magnesium phosphate coating on the tomahawk head for corrosion resistance and an aesthetically striking firewood-burned handle.

The Black Woods Chogan T-Hawk – this its full name – is an impressive multi-task, heavy duty tool: a two-handed camp axe, featuring a classic design with flat-ground primary and secondary edge bevels to enhance both profile and chopping power. 

CRKT Black Woods Chogan T-Hawk: features

CRKT Black Woods Chogan T-Hawk in a hand
The new CRKT Black Woods Chogan T-Hawk.

With an overall length of 19.13 in, some 485 mm, this is not quite a pocket tool. The carbon steel blade sports an axe cutting edge and a hammerhead on the other side, making the Black Woods Chogan T-Hawk also useful for driving tent stakes in the ground and for other mundane but necessary chores when outdoors. As said, the head has a magnesium-phosphate coating for corrosion resistance and black look. The beautiful and comfortable handle is made from Tennessee hickory, cut thick, artfully burned, and finished with a sturdy lacquer coat.

The Black Woods Chogan T-Hawk sells at 69.99 USD. Adding that it is shipped complete with a leather sheath, and considering its qualities and ruggedness, the price is not steep at all.

CRKT Black Woods Chogan T-Hawk: technical data

Black Woods Chogan T-Hawk 
Blade length:
3.500 in / 88.9 mm
Blade edge:
axe w/hammer
Blade steel:
1055 Carbon Steel, 50-55 HRC
Blade finish:
magnesium phosphate coating
Blade thickness:
0.52 in / 13.21 mm
Overall Length:
19.13 in / 485.9 mm
1 lb. 15.9 oz. / 903 g

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