Butler Creek Air Sling

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Butler Creek Air Sling
Butler Creekʼs features an exclusive gel technology that provides added comfort and stability in the field

In its constant strive to provide innovative hunting and shooting accessories to the most demanding sportsmen, BOP has recently introduced one of the most comfortable rifle and shotgun slings on the market. The new “Air Sling”, marketed under the Butler Creek brand, features an exclusive gel technology that provides added comfort and stability in the field.

Designed with a soft gel material that is contained throughout the sling in individual compression chambers, the “Air Sling” evenly distributes the weight of the firearm for a more comfortable carrying experience. The patented gel coil technology is lightweight and provides an added layer of cushioning, making it an ideal material for long-lasting comfort in the field.

Butler Creek Air Sling
Butler Creekʼs “Air Sling” is also available in a Realtree AP camo version

In addition to added comfort in the field, Butler Creekʼs “Air Sling” improves firearm stability. The columnar design of the gel material helps keep the firearm in place while walking or hiking the field. After a long, demanding hunt, hunters will count the “Air Sling” among their most valued hunting gear.

The Butler Creek “Air Sling” is available in both black and Realtree AP camouflage and includes Uncle Mike’s swivels. The is already available through authorized distributors at an MSRP of $41.95. It is also available at a number of online stores as a non-restricted item for export, for those shooters and hunters living outside of the United States where this product might not be in distribution yet.

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