Benchmade Claymore, an automatic knife for professionals

Among the many new products that Benchmade announces for 2021, we have chosen this interesting automatic folding knife called Claymore – but beware, the name does not allude to the Scottish two-handed sword, but to the homonymous anti-personnel mine that entered service in the US Army in 1960 and is still used in defensive and offensive roles.

Benchmade Claymore, an automatic knife for professionals
The opening is controlled by a push button on the left side of the handle featuring a slide safety

The Benchmade Claymore is a folding knife with automatic blade locking mechanism included in the "black class" of Benchmade's catalog, a category that collects knives and other tools designed for use by the military and law enforcement, made with top quality materials and intended for extreme use. The Claymore, built entirely in the United States, is no exception, featuring a drop point blade made from CPM-D2 steel, 3.6” long and 0.114” thick. The cutting edge is of the combined type, with a serrated section near the ricasso that runs about half the length of the blade. The metal surface finish is a very sturdy Cobalt Black Cerakote. The handle is made with a pair of stainless steel grips on which are screwed two scales in Grivory, a new thermoplastic reinforced with nylon, which makes it extremely resistant. The Claymore is available with black or Ranger Green grips. On the right side of the grip there is a robust steel clip, removable and repositionable on the opposite side.

Bemchmade Claymore, details to discover

To emphasize the connection between the knife and the Claymore mine, there is a detail that at first glance is likely to go unnoticed: looking at the front of the handle you can see three letters written in Morse code. The letters are FTE and they are a reference to the “Face Toward Enemy” inscription shown in raised lettering on one side of a Claymore mine. The blade can be extended by pushing a button located on the front of the handle. To prevent any unintentional opening, the system has a slide safety that locks the blade. The weight of the Benchmade Claymore is just 3.5 oz/97 grams – few if you consider the size of the knife and the extra weight brought by the spring and the opening mechanism.

Benchmade Claymore, an automatic knife for professionals
On the right side of the handle we find the strong clip that allows the carrying of the knife in "tip up" position.

Since this is an automatic knife expressly designed for law enforcement and special ops, possession or carrying of the Benchmade Claymore may be restricted in some countries, but that doesn't make it any less attractive. The retail price in the US is $230.

Benchmade Claymore specs and price

Manufacturer:Benchmade - USA 
Type:Tactical folding knife
Opening Mechanism:
Automatic with safety
Blade:CPM-D2 steel
Blade Length:
3.6"/86.5 mm
Overall Length:
7.8"/198 mm
Blade Thickness:
0.114"/2.9 mm
Blade Finish:Cerakote Black Cobalt
Handle:Grivory, black or Ranger Green
Price:230 USD (price may vary in your country)

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