5.11 “Tactical Battery Case”

5.11, Inc. started to work on tactical and emergency lighting solutions in the aftermath of Hurricane Kathrina, when feedback from New Orleans rescuers reported how unsatisfactory the generally-issued battery flashlights were, and how hard it was to recharge batteries or to find new ones given the total destruction and lack of electricity throughout the City, prompting the personnel to return to base often for refill and thus reducing their field activity. A couple of years ago, a new rechargeable emergency flashlight dubbed the “Light For Life” was introduced within the 5.11 Tactical Series, featuring a wide array of technical solutions that turned it into a revolution in the field of illumination systems for professional and rescue purposes.

Yet, most of the flashlights currently issued to military, law enforcement and rescue personnel worldwide are battery-powered rather than using an integrated rechargeable power pack; and so is the vast majority of the torchlights owned by the Average Joe basically everywhere in the world for professional or emergency purposes. Those flashlights, especially when stowed in “Bug-Out Bags” (portable emergency evacuation kits) or issued to Civil Defense personnel, require a stockpile of emergency power sources, that is, batteries, to be kept always handy, yet safe from water or any possible element that might damage them or render them inoperable.

To address this necessity, the 5.11 Tactical Series now features the “Tactical Battery Case”, an extremely compact accessory that can be attached to any belt, sling or bag through MOLLE straps. Entirely made out of polymer PC/ABS material, the “Tactical Battery Case” is shockproof and features inserts that keep the batteries in place to ensure a silent operation (no battery rattle when the “Tactical Battery Case” is carried on person) and to prevent them from falling when the lid is open. Locking is ensured by a large aluminum thumb dial that can be operated with gloves, while a lid sealing gasket makes it waterproof, impervious to external elements, and floating. The “Tactical Battery Case” can hold up to four AA or CR123 batteries, or any combination thereof. MSRP is 19,99 US$.