Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe in 28-gauge

Brand new for 2013 from Weatherby, Inc. − a company headquartered in Paso Robles (California, USA) and well known worldwide for its wide and excellent offer of bolt-action rifles and pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns for hunting, sports shooting, and defensive or tactical applications − is the 28-gauge SA-08 "Deluxe" semi-automatic shotgun, designed to offer bird hunters light recoil, reliable performance and a distinctly handsome look. This SA-08 model features a specially-designed, scaled-down frame to fit 28-gauge shells. Weighing approximately 5.5 pounds, the shotgun is available with a 26- or 28-inch barrel and 2 ¾-inch chamber.

Weatherby SA-08 "Deluxe"
The new 28-gauge version of the SA-08 shotgun answers the growing requests from hunters and sportsmen worldwide

«Like all SA-08 semi-auto shotguns, our 28-gauge ''Deluxe'' can be relied on to function and perform well in the field», says Mike Schwiebert, Weatherby’s director of marketing. «Recoil is negligible, making it a great choice for the fast action of high-volume dove shooting, as well as quail and other upland game birds. It is precisely balanced, and feels trim and lightweight ‒ a real pleasure to shoot».

The 28-gauge Weatherby SA-08 "Deluxe" shotgun sports a select-grade walnut stock with precision-cut checkering (22 LPI) for a positive, responsive feel. A high-gloss finish on the stock and metalwork adds to the shotgun’s eye-catching appearance. 

Weatherby SA-08 "Deluxe"
Hopes are that the request may be high enough to push Weatherby into offering 28-gauge versions of other variants of the highly-successful SA-08 series of shotguns

Other key features of the 28-gauge Weatherby SA-08 "Deluxe" semi-automatic shotguns include a CNC-machined receiver constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to reduce overall weight without compromising strength, and improve the gun’s balance for easier handling; a drop-out trigger system that's quickly removable for easy cleaning and reassembled just as easily; a chrome-lined barrel that may withstand years of high-volume shooting and reduce the necessary cleaning efforts; lenghtened barrel forcing cones to achieve improved patterns and reduce shooter's fatigue; a vented top rib for heat dissipation and smooth after-shot follow-through; and a brass front bead atop the barrel for quick target acquisition. Each shotgun comes with Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full choke tubes that allow shooters to tailor their shot patterns for specific hunting applications.

Weatherby's brand new 28-gauge SA-08 "Deluxe" semi-automatic shotgun is distributed in the United States at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of 849.00US$; international availability and pricing may vary, and may depend from local taxes and fees, regulations, national distributors and individual retailers, not to mention the extremely high demand that the U.S. national gun market has been experiencing in the past months and that's been absorbing most of the firearms production, leaving very little to exports. All informations concerning availability and pricing outside of the United States are better asked to local distributors and dealers, a list of which is hosted on the Weatherby company website.