Sauer 303 carbine in .308 Win. caliber

The new semi-automatic hunting carbine Sauer S-303 never ceases to amaze and will be available to the public with the new version Elegance in .308 Win., whose peculiarities are well known to hunters friends: optimum performance even with relatively short barrels and a high stopping power on the game.
The .308 Win. is a notoriously "docile" caliber for the shooter and it finds an excellent "application" with the S-303 semi-automatic rifle, because it provides less recoil thus leaving the shooter in a stable position on the target: translated, comfort in shooting.
The Sauer 303 in .308 Win. will be available in all models, with barrel length 51 cm, and in the version S 303 Hardwood, with barrel length 46 cm. The version of "Synchro XT", "Classic XT” and the brand new and stylish" Black Velvet "completely black (all strictly in cal. 308 Win.) It will arrive in the italian armories from September 2013, while all other models S 303 cal . 308 Win. will make their appearance in subsequent month.

The new carbine Sauer 303 in .308 Win. caliber
Right view of the new semi-automatic carbine Sauer 303 in .308 Win. caliber: the "Black Velvet" version

The new caliber is not the only novelty of the Sauer 303 semi-automatic rifle, but also the new magazine by 5 shots with either wheels is a welcome "upgrade". Home Sauer decided to commercialize this important accessory, which has a bottom made of light alloy, starting in October 2013. Still do not know the price to the public.
The choice of the .308 Win. Sauer 303 leads us to suppose a considerable precision’s increase of this new semi-automatic rifle, which also involved the ultra-ergonomic construction of weapon,  Sauer technology, the largest range of stoks available and adaptable to the shooter for a semi-automatic hunting carbine and shooting precision BMT (Black Magic Trigger) by only 950 g.
We are facing a new standard in precision: a semiautomatic carbine accurate as a bolt-action!