Ruger M77 Hakweye: bolt-action carbine made in USA

When we saw him up close at SHOT Show 2013 Las Vegas we were invaded by the force that expresses the Bolt-Action Rifle Ruger M77 Hawkeye in 375 Ruger caliber. The aesthetic, the line and the aggressiveness that expresses this rifle you can enjoy completely only take up it.

We are talking about "muscles" made in USA, hunting friends.
The first feature that strikes the observer is definitely the sprint equipped with muzzle break that, besides conferring an aspect "combative" to the rifle, contributes significantly to reducing the recoil. Depending on the needs of the hunter or its aesthetic preferences, muzzle-break can be replaced with different models (3 for the accuracy: short, perforated or with a smooth surface). 

Some manufacturers of rifles draw serrated mountain triggers to ensure a better grip of the index finger of the shooter, but for the M77 Hawkeye Ruger chooses the smooth surface to ensure maximum sensitivity (matter of point of view). Equipped with an extractor type Mauser, the rifle Ruger m77 Hawkeye mounts a cold-hammered barrel to get good resistance to weather, wear and weathering, giving the hunter a chance of not having to clean the same.

The rear sight "V" can be easily adjusted depending on the needs of the hunter, while the target front is provided with a white bead that ease the acquisition of the target even at long distances.
The overall aesthetics of the rifle Bolt-Action Ruger M77 Hawkeye is enhanced by the butt laminated onto which dominate streaks teal, wood color and gray. The color even more characterizes the Bolt-Action Ruger M77 Hawkeye carbine, also winks to the comfort with the installation of a rubber recoil pad and spacers to find the right shouldering.
The overall structure of the Ruger M77 Hawkeye inspires a sense of reliability and robustness that can be found only taking her with him on the hunt.