New RWS Ammo Advisor: for any hunting situation, on your smart device

Hunting success depends on the ammunition used. For each specific hunting type and situation, it is important to select the appropriate load to put game down safely and properly. The traditional RWS brand offers a rich catalog of rifle cartridges for every conceivable hunting use. With the already very high and constantly increasing number of RWS ammunition for different calibers and applications, the situation can quickly become somewhat confusing. 

In addition, there are new requirements for hunting. Whether driven hunting, safe shooting at long range, the ever more popular use of a suppressor or the increasing use of short barreled guns – RWS has the right hunting ammo for any use. But what is the quickest way to filter out exactly the right ammunition from this wide range?

RWS Ammo Advisor: with a few finger taps up to the target

Selection of Short Rifle cartridges in the RWS ammunition Advisor on a iPhone X
With the RWS Ammo Advisor you can quickly navigate through the manufacturer's extensive range and find exactly what you need for your hunting requirements.

The possibilities of modern technology in the form of smart devices provide the hoped-for insight here – and practically in a blink! With just a few mouse clicks or finger taps, you can determine the desired parameters in no time with the completely revised RWS ammunition advisor. First you select whether information on RWS rifle cartridges or Rottweil shot cartridges should be called up. Then you can add extensive filters to quickly narrow down the hits. 

For which caliber do I need hunting cartridges? At what distance do I want to hunt which game species? Of course, you can also directly select a specific RWS bullet – such as the RWS HIT or the Speed Tip Professional bullets – and check the specific loads in the available calibers.

In addition, the choice of ammunition can be limited to special areas of application: do I want to use a suppressor? Which loads are particularly optimized for short barrels? With which bullets can I shoot safely over long hunting distances? Am I looking for special ammunition for driven hunts – lead-free, with a sure bullet exit and very high stopping power? The best way to address the complexity of hunting is to choose the right cartridge. With the combination of filters, you can sort the extensive range in an flash and reliably find the right ammunition.

On the detail page of each single cartridge, you will then find all the relevant information. In addition to a summary of the respective properties, you can see all ballistic data such as bullet velocity, energy and MRD. Additionally, you will find a picture of the bullet structure with explanations about its specific components as well as a picture of the ammunition packaging. 

What are the advantages of the new mobile RWS Ammo Advisor?

Overview page of a Short Rifle Cartridge in the RWS Ammunition Advisor on a Tablet 
No installation, hardly any storage space required: the RWS Ammo Advisor is particularly flexible to use as a web app and cuts a fine figure on any device.

The popular RWS Ammo Advisor is being used on smartphones and tablets for a long time. The previous app has now been replaced by a completely new version. This is based on a so-called progressive web app architecture. This means that it no longer has to be downloaded as a stand-alone "program" from the app store (Apple App Store/Google Play Store) of the respective provider. 

A progressive web app is a website that has been technically developed in such a way that it functions almost like a native app. However, the mobile experience is much more pleasant than with a normal mobile optimized website. The new RWS Ammo Advisor is now controlled directly via the Internet browser of the mobile device - simply enter in your browser and the application starts. 

This offers many advantages: the "new RWS App" is particularly responsive and flexible. The mobile RWS ammunition advisor can be "installed" with one click and added directly to your home screen like a native app. In contrast to an app from the store, however, it occupies hardly any storage space on the device. 

Because its user interface always adapts exactly to the screen size, it works perfectly on any smartphone or tablet – regardless of size, manufacturer or age of the device – and always looks good. In addition, it's always up-to-date and does not need to be updated via the App Store.

RWS Short Rifle cartridges packaging and a rifle on a table 
The RWS Short Rifle cartridge is specially optimized for use with short barrels. With easily switchable filter criteria, the RWS ammunition advisor will help you find the right cartridge for your specific application area in no time at all.

New mobile RWS Ammo Advisor: summing up

We like the new mobile RWS ammunition consultant with its functional and very clear structure in an appealing design. In every search, we reached our goal with just a few finger taps: the right load for our special hunting scenario. It's also fun to select ammunition categories, add filters and select interesting combinations to browse the entire RWS range. 

The re-design as a progressive web app pays off: the application opens quickly, works technically flawlessly and can be navigated perfectly. We never had to struggle with loading problems or too small or too large a display, as is the case with some other apps on different devices. With the RWS Ammo Advisor you are well equipped at home and in the hunting area for any hunting situation. Besides English, it is also available in German, Spanish, French and Italian.

The RWS Web-App also works on your PC or laptop. With just one click on you can now get your own impression of the new features of the mobile RWS ammunition advisor!

Further information on the entire RWS product range can be found directly on RWS website

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