FACE launches a campaign and a petition to change EU policies on hunting and conservation

As a reader of all4shooters.com/all4hunters.com you should be well aware the fierce ideologically-driven campaigns that the EU is conducting against hunters and shooters – 80% of the rules and regulations that affect hunting and conservation actually come from Brussels, and the lead ban is one of those campaigns. Under the slogan "Bring Nature Back", FACE, the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation, has launched “The European Hunters’ Campaign” to call on Europe’s main policymaking institutions to “work with hunters” for hunting and conservation. The campaign includes a 9-point petition that demands necessary change on key topics related to hunting and conservation.

FACE demands are:

1. We want a Europe rich in biodiversity for all.

2. We want nature policy to incentivise hunters’ conservation work, including in protected areas.

3. We want the EU nature law to deliver results for ecosystems and habitats for small game, especially wetlands and farmlands.

4. We want a more objective and evidence-based approach to hunting, including regional hunting practices.

5. We want accurate assessments of large carnivore populations based on suitable criteria and a procedure to amend their listing under the Habitats Directive.

6. We want hunters to be recognised as being part of the solution for nature conservation, not the problem.

7. We want laws and decisions affecting hunting to be fair, and deliver clear benefits, respecting the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality.

8. We want our cultural heritage to be respected, which is vital to the future of a diverse Europe and for enriching the lives of individual citizens.

9. We want Brussels to take this agenda to the international level because the EU has a strong influence at the global level.

You can sign the petition here: https://signforhunting.com/

EU must recognise  the value of hunting for biodiversity

FACE President Torbjörn Larsson (left) and FACE Secretary General, Dr. David Scallan.

As explained on FACE's website, “The campaign is in response to the increasing number of problems for Europe’s 7 million hunters coming from Brussels (see examples in the campaign FAQs). It aims to highlight and solve these problems, to move away from a trend in finding fault with hunting, and recognise  the value of hunting for biodiversity and uniting cultures across Europe.

FACE President Torbjörn Larsson also states: “We are facing unprecedented challenges, particularly with proposals drafted behind closed doors for Europe’s hunters. This campaign is a significant step forward to call on Brussels policymakers to change course and work with us!”.

FACE Secretary General, Dr. David Scallan, expresses the same concerns: “Big decisions and bold action are required to solve Europe’s biodiversity problems. Europe’s hunters are part of the solution to deliver action on the ground. That needs to be fully recognised in Brussels”.

Our comment: We all should join forces to protect European hunters' interests and rights!

You can sign the petition here: https://signforhunting.com/

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