Now also in orange: Swarovski EL Range TA binoculars in a new, eye-catching color variant

EL Range stehend
Size and weight are not unimportant for wearing in the field: the Swarovski EL Range TA is 169 mm long, 136 mm wide and about 79 mm high. It weighs 930 grams with battery (1xCR2), which should be enough for about 2,000 measurements.

The Swarovski EL Range with Tracking Assistant (TA) perfectly combines Swarovision technology with digital intelligence. The binoculars deliver razor-sharp images with precise distance and tilt indicator. The measurement range is 10 to 2,000 meters. In addition, the digital EL offers a number of helpful additional functions, such as a compass, ballistics calculator and tracking assistant, which stands for the TA acronym in the model name. The integrated tilt indicator with unique angle shot program displays the adjusted shooting distance or alternatively the angle. The EL Range provides precise measurement results from a distance of 10 meters. Current prices (MSRP) start from 3,520 euros (8x42) and 3,620 euros (10x42). 

Swarovski EL Range TA orange
The FRR forehead support EL Range mounted here on the Swarovski EL Range TA is available as an accessory. 
Transfer your personal ballistics data directly to the Swarovski EL Range TA via the app. You can also use the innovative Tracking Assistant via your smartphone.

Today's modern optical components complement each other, and this is also the case with the EL Range TA: for the most personalized setting of the rangefinder binoculars, customization with the EL Range Configurator App is recommended. Three personalized ballistic profiles can be configured. By additionally taking into account atmospheric data, such as air pressure and temperature, the EL Range (TA) shows the hunter the adjusted shooting distance and the clicks needed on the ballistic turret, or else the hold-over/hold-under values values. By the way, the Canadian-German hunter Savannah Koebisch, who among other things goes stalking in the Westerwald, has recorded her experiences with the EL Range TA in orange in an exciting hunting narrative.

The integrated tracking assistant has proven its suitability beyond doubt in the practical tests to date: it makes much easier to track your prey, especially in difficult, unclear terrain. The program works both directly on the EL Range TA and on your smartphone in combination with the EL Range Configurator App. The FRR forehead rest EL Range is available as an accessory (MSRP: 129 euros). It provides a stable three-point support against the forehead, so that maximum stability and best observation comfort is achieved even during longer observations.

Here you can find all information and technical data of the Swarovski EL RANGE TA in 8x42 and 10x42

Video: the Tracking Assistant of the Swarovski EL Range TA

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