New Pulsar Digex N450 and N455 digital riflescopes now available

Pulsar releases the Digex, its newest line of digital optics. The Digex is a full-featured night vision riflescope that sports a day-time traditional riflescope appearance and structure, with a 30mm mounting tube. The form factor of the Digex allows the lowest possible mounting point, flexible positioning on the rifle and the use of classical mounting hardware, extending possibilities on hunting rifles with proprietary interfaces – plus, the sleek, streamlined design just looks good on classical, high end fine rifles. 

Pulsar Digex N450 and N455 digital riflescopes now available 
The new Pulsar Digex N450 digital night vision riflescope, without the detachable IR illuminator looks exactly like a traditional daytime riflescope.

The Digex riflescope line features a High Definition 1280x720 CMOS sensor, that coupled with the 40mm fast objective lens, offers up to 600-yard detection range in complete darkness. Additionally, the Digex features built-in recording with sound, Picture-in-Picture digital zoom and Wi-Fi remote view with Stream vision compatibility for iOS and Android devices. The eyepiece features a 1024x768 AMOLED microdisplay with crisp, stunning clarity image quality. Power is supplied using the proprietary B-Pack mini battery (based on a 18650 Li-Ion cell), allowing for up to 5.5 hours of continuous operation. The Digex can also be powered from an external power supply. The Digex line includes two models, the N450 and N455. The only difference between them is the detachable IR Illuminator. The N455 has a 940nm IR source that is invisible to the naked eye and has a 550-yard range. The N450 has an 850nm IR source with extended 600-yard range, but the IR light is faintly visible.

Pulsar Digex N450 and N455 digital riflescopes now available 
The detachable IR illuminator: it comes in two versions, each included in the respective Digex model, with 850 or 940nm IR light source.

Other features include 3-second battery startup, 5 rifle profiles with 10 zero distances, variable electronic reticles, a stadiametric rangefinder and SumLight function to increase sensor sensitivity and allow passive observation.  The Digex riflescope weighs 950g and is 39cm long. The enhanced night-time sensitivity, high quality fast optics, high magnification and powerful built-in IR illuminator for moonless nights make the Digex the perfect hunting tool for detecting animals at distances out to over five hundred yards. 

Pricing has not yet been released, however stay tuned for any updates!

Pulsar Digex N450 and N455 digital riflescopes now available 
Using a standard 30mm tube mounting interface, it’s easy to mount the Pulsar Digex even on hunting rifles with proprietary mounting points.

Pulsar Digex N450 and N455 digital riflescopes: features

  • HD 1280x720 sensor
  • 600 and 550 yard detection range depending on model and ir illuminator
  • 4x digital zoom - continuous zoom and 2x, 4x stepped zoom
  • Picture in picture digital zoom
  • Built-in recording with sound
  • Stream Vision app connects scope to smart device for remote viewing
  • External power supply adaptable
  • SumLight function
  • 5 rifle profiles with 10 zero distances
  • Variable electronic reticles
  • One-shot zeroing with freeze function and zoom
  • First-focal plane reticle options
  • High resolution AMOLED display
  • Stadiametric rangefinder

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