Norma Oryx and Norma African PH ammunitions

Tradition, technology and precision are the foundation upon which rests the performance Norma ammunition. The Swedish House for more than 100 years produces a full range of cartridges for different purposes, from hunting to target shooting.

In order to enhance and make more reliable and efficient, which produces ammunition, Norma is advised by both specialists and ballistic experts, both professional hunters and shooters around the world.

Through the comparison of all these forces put in place for the design of ammunition, Norma manages to maintain its international competitiveness in a globalized market like today, which is always able to offer a wide choice.

The policy of the Swedish House but also uses very important collaborations with renowned manufacturers of balls hunting, as Nosler, Barnes and Woodleigh, for example. Such cooperation between different companies, puts under each of this, in our case, Norma, to find the best solutions for hunters and marksmen around the world.

This year Norma has presented a very interesting novelty for the governing hunting, a new variant of the legendary Oryx ball weight from 10.7 g (165 gr), available in the following calibers: .300 Win., .30-06 , .300 WSM and .300 Win.Mag. The main characteristic of Oryx is their high and rapid capacity expansion in a very large diameter, for a deep and consequent expansion and a reliable transfer of energy.

Normally, in order to offer more solutions for hunting, also includes the cartridges African PH in 12 different calibers intended for big game, both versions Soft Point, and Full Metal Jacket. Allostato present, the offer of the Standard has more than 16 different types of ammunition in its range of hunting cartridges, thus covering each intended use in the field hunting.

For the shooting, offering both standard ammunition with ball molicottata Series Diamond Line, both with ball ammunition Copper jacketed series Norma Golden Target line, for both domestic and international disciplines of rifle shooting. A new feature is the standard XC, an update of the 6mm BR Norma, available in 3 new uploads.

As we said at the beginning, tradition, technology and precision are the hallmarks of ammunition Norma, who continues to impress hunters and shooters around the world.