Barnes VOR-TX Euro hunting ammunition

Barnes Bullets introduced the VOR-TX EURO line of ammunition at the 2016 IWA OutdoorClassics  
Barnes' VOR-TX EURO line includes nine loads in five different calibers, all loaded with TTSX lead-free bullets

Barnes Bullets – a Remington Outdoor Company brand – officially launched its new VOR-TX EURO line of hunting-oriented load at the 2016 edition of the IWA expo in Nuremberg as a high-performance alternative for the discriminating hunters in the European market.

The Barnes VOR-TX EURO rounds are precision loaded with the venerable Barnes all-copper, lead-free bullets and conforms to CIP pressure standards. This ensures safe operation and maximum ballistic potential, while offering European hunters the best accuracy and terminal performance, surpassing lead-core bullets on both thin-skinned and heavy game.

The Barnes VOR-TX EURO line will initially include nine loads in five calibers, all featuring Barnes' own TTSX balls: a 250-grains 9.3x62mm load and a 140-grains 7x64 Brenneke; a 160-grains 8x57 JS load; three alternatives for the venerable .30-06 Springfield – 150, 168 or 180 grains; and three more for the classic .308 Winchester, those being 130, 150 or 168 grains.

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