Zamberlan: how “Made in Italy” boots with 90 years of history are born

Zamberlan boots during assembly phase
Always under the control of Zamberlan technicians, modern technologies ensure the quality of materials and a correct assembly.

Communicating hunting, nature and the many worlds related to these passions is our main mission. From the emotions experienced in the woods and in the mountains, to the pride of presenting high-quality products and accessories that can only make us proud to belong to such a vast horizon of excellence, values and traditions, we try to show how important it is to know hunting in order to at least understand it – if not love it. Zamberlan is one of these realities rich in history that accompanies us in our hunting trips around the world with its products and whose features we have often shown directly in the field. This time, together with Zamberlan's technical staff, directly from the headquarters in Torrebelvicino (Vicenza, Italy) we want to take you inside the company to show how every technical detail that makes up a Zamberlan boot is taken care of and tested during production, from the choice of materials up to the stages of selection, processing and assembly.  

Zamberlan is currently run by a third generation: it all began in 1929, when Giuseppe Zamberlan started his shoemaking activity in his workshop at the foot of the Little Dolomites. Combining his passion for the mountains with his work, he began to produce increasingly safer and higher-performance footwear and boots. From the development of technologies and the use of more and more innovative materials, the artisanal production has evolved without ever neglecting the search for quality, not only for trekking and mountaineering lovers, but more generally for outdoor and hunting fans, developing an ever richer and more differentiated range of comfortable, strong and safe footwear. These are the essential features for those who really enjoy nature and which Zamberlan wants to guarantee.

Video: inside Zamberlan's factory. How “Made in Italy” boots are manufactured

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