Dog misadventures: vipers, parasites and heat stroke.

Dog misadventures
The hunter noticed always knows the importance of the factor-water for the dogs! More basic, necessary to calculate on hot days!

Black or Lola seek, swoop, it seems that it is a firm Fermin strange. They approach something and then, "CAIIII"! Here they jumped back licking and furious fiddling with the legs toward the nose, shaking his head, or with a limp limb elevation. The Viper struck!
Another case: nice to come home happy after a training session in late August, and the next morning you feel that your dog is scratching at the beast, or here presents there, attacked especially behind the ears and on the neck and belly, horrid ticks.
Again, did you take my hand, and in the pitch are your secret hours under a summer sun still, squeeze the dog behind quail malandrine. At one point, such as a crash, the auxiliary seems that they cut the power. Falters, apparently drunk, with no energy: heat stroke!

Dog misadventures
Plenty of water nearby in the typical summer hunts, protects from heat stroke! The choice of venue is basic then, either because the right ones of vipers there are none, and because all other hazards decrease significantly.

We have just described drawbacks type 3 early season.
Now, it is the sacred religion here, prevent if possible:
1) looking green fields with the vipers, that is, those without stones to dissolve and train, and then carefully move the cooler hours of the day. Not only that, it would be also the case of the wild train well to ignore their reptiles, to avoid them if possible. But it is not easy.
2) Pesticides in drops and systemically, should always, always, always given to dogs before going out and according to the doses indicated in the bottles. And so the fleas and ticks do not cling escape.
3) The hottest hours are absolutely avoided. And in any case, if you do not hunt near rivers, streams or ponds, it is mandatory to bring the vest or trisacca at least 1 liter of water per dog per hour stop in a hot climate. Example: 2 dogs for two hours, equal to 4 liters.

Dog misadventures
The bulges in the bag are not slaughtered wild, but water bottles for dogs practices, and various equipment for every eventuality.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, however:
1) serum antiofidico, it should be administered only if you are certain that the dog is not allergic, indicating that the dosage according to the package insert. How is: a) immediately affect the part b) immediately run off a bit 'of blood, c) just nice tight tie a mo' tourniquet and lead to arm, running the dog to the vet (do not move for no reason, or the poison runs faster in the body).
2) Give the pesticide, also a dash. Then with alcohol and tweezers such as those in the lashes, gently remove ticks one by one. Having had foresight to suffocate them first with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol precisely.
3) Let immediately stop the dog, if possible soak in a bath moderately cold (room temperature water) arms and upload it in the car and take him to the nearest vet.

If it is timely in all cases, situations will be solved in the best way.
However, two elements emerge strongly: 1) you must always be wary and careful FIRST, trying to avoid the dangers through knowledge. 2) Serum antivipera, sharp boxcutter, pump to suck blood, tweezers, pesticides. bottles for water etc. In short, you can not NOT be technically equipped properly for hunting today, and also for that of tomorrow!
To you, are similar mishaps ever happened? Tell us your writing on this same page, and tell us your stories ...