5.11 VTA: Ammo Pouch "Slickstick" series

When two consolidated companies with a certain "weight" in the globalized market they decide to join forces, it often means that is birthing something new and innovative that can leave a mark. Today is a difficult and highly competitive market, where product innovation or production process are the watchwords for a company that has to deal with the rest of the world. For this reason the Viking Tactical - 5.11 VTAC Inc. and have decided to join them to create two additional very useful in the field of hunting and not only that, the series "Slickstick" series, 5 RD Shotgun Bandolier and Shotgun Ammo Pouch.

The transport capacity of six cartridges "Standard" 12-gauge, make the ammunitions pouch of the series "Slickstick" very useful and practical use, especially in those hunting situations where you need to have everything at your fingertips. The ammunitions pouch series "Slickstick" can also be used outside of hunting, due to its design which makes it suitable also for the life of every day. Both the RD 5 Shotgun Shotgun Ammo Pouch Bandolier that are entirely manufactured in Cordura, but most are fully compatible with the full range of equipment Tactical 5.11 Tactical Series, with MOLLE system and other products of the series "Slickstick", thus giving chance to those who already own the products of 5.11 to remain in the "theme". Both ammunition are available in black, olive green and gray TAC "Sandstone".