SportDog TEK 1.0: the collar with GPS

SportDog TEK 1.0
Collar SportDog TEK 1.0: the GPS device can record 12 different positions up to 7 miles away

Hunting tends constantly to renew, in order to find new solutions to meet the changing needs of modern hunters. The segment of the dog world evolves. This is the case of the famous company SportDog (Knoxville, TN USA) thet proposes on the market collars for all your needs in the field hunting. Today we will discuss about one of the leading products of the American company: the new series of collars TEK 1.0. This electronic device, applied to our auxiliary hunting, allows constant monitoring of his movements, which are visible on the remote GPS that provides real-time and with extreme precision the exact location where you find the dog. Collar SportDog TEK 1.0 is easy to apply and does not affect the work to which he is called the dog, rather it helps the hunter to stay in touch with your four-legged friend. The importance of this contact can be imagined when you go hunting in poorly known areas, both from the hunter from the dog itself, giving them the ability to "communicate" even at long distances. The remote control device with GPS makes it possible to register for a maximum of 12 different positions up to 7 miles (15 KM), providing real-time data during the pursuit and search of game. In addition, the handheld GPS device can be attached to collars 12 having, in case you go hunting with a pack of dogs.

The collar with SportDog TEK 1.0 GPS device, totally waterproof up to 25 feet deep, allowing the choice of 99 levels of continuous stimulation, momentary and rising.