Jagdhund and "The Courteney Boot Company" new models

Jagdhund boots
The Kobernaussen model by Jagdhund
Pötschn Jagdhund
The Pötschn model by Jagdhund

Hunting with style and comfort wearing comfortable footwear and suitable for different terrain and weather conditions, is vital. The technology and the tradition of Jagdhund fully fulfills those needs. The prestigious Austrian hunting clothing Jagdhund has in fact also directed its production to the hunting footwear, putting models on the market very competitive and very significant from the point of view of quality.
The new line includes five different Jagdhund footwear intended to four different uses, in order to offer a complete range depending on the needs of the hunter. A range consists of the lightweight boot (boot light) summer, the boot lightweight and silent hunting in the hills, the mountain boot suitable for all seasons, until the boot crampons for the roughest terrain. Every model is waterproof and breathable, but they differ in the different degree of thermal insulation and finish quality leather.
Each shoe is carefully subjected to a series of controls and testing to verify the real ability to fulfill the uses to which it is addressed, to the point that the Austrian manufacturer also relies on the advice of professional hunters to have any opinion with which every products are constantly renewed and improved. Like any product Jagdhund are designed, planned, tested and manufactured by hunters.

The Jagdhund boots
The news series of Jagdhund Boots
Jadghund boots
The particular of Vibram sole

Both the model and the model Pötschn Venediger of Jagdhund have a Vibram sole, the world leader in the production and marketing of high performance rubber soles, compound "slick" which provides 30% more grip on all surfaces. Whether high or low temperatures, the Vibram sole provides excellent levels of performance in extreme situations, as you well know friends hunters.
The technology ALPITEX has been reserved for models and Kobernaussen Pötschn: a membrane interposed the upper and inner lining to protect the foot from moisture, keeping it dry, fundamental prerogative to hunt. The model presents Venediger further technical characteristic that makes it particularly more suitable at low temperatures: is a layer that provides an effective thermal insulation, integrated between the outer material and the inner lining. The insulation has a double effect: it traps air (insulation) and reflects body heat. The microfibers of Thinsulate insulation are about 10 times smaller than those of other fibers, and keep your feet warm. All this without affecting the weight of the shoe.

Jagdhund shoes
In evidence the sole of the new "The Courteney Safari" shoes by Jagdhund
Jagdhund shoes
The Courteney Safari shoes by Jagdhund

But for hunting there is also another footwear totally different aesthetic and technical characteristics, but equally remarkable: the shoes "The Courteney Safari" by "Courteney Boot Company".

It is a lightweight boot light made entirely by hand, with low neck and tongue in soft leather and durable antelope buffalo leather that covers the upper.
A hunt is important to move in silence, so Courteney Safari do just this case: very quiet, it is particularly suitable for hunting look. This model has a limited production, about 100 pieces a day, because it is completely made by hand: the skilled craftsmen of Jagdhund manually implement the insole, the processing of leather, stitching, cuts and union with the sole.

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