IWA 2016: Necon Pet Food and Atletic Dog

For the second year running and, sure to be also in future editions, Andrea Conforti owner of Necon Pet Food of Brescia and of trademark Atletic Dog greets us at the stand. Many visitors ask about these products that stand out for their variety and specificity.

It is the month of March and many hunters and dog lovers, engaged in trials, in which their samples should give maximum, or to breed new litters that will be the future hunting dogs. In their shows all the products from the line Atletic Dog, which fits with feed specific to different types of dogs and their attitudes with selected raw materials.

The processing of these materials is then done with procedures and controlled temperature so as not to affect its organoleptic properties and thus provide protein and digestible diet. For puppies and their formation until the first year of age there is a Puppy, for adult dogs in operation period there is line Atletic high energy Dog, to be replaced by the formula Light for periods of rest or less intense.

For the most sensitive and intolerant skins one of the last products, high digestibility and protein that isrich in both carbohydrate Atletic Dog deer and potatoes, extremely suitable for sensitive dogs. 

Complete nutrition and attention dedicated to the different types of dogs, with special attention to the most vulnerable and sensitive is consistent with Atletic dog. In fact continues to research and develop new products to which the owner there announces the next arrival; feed will be gluten-free, with carbohydrates coming from alternative sources to cereals, for dogs who are intolerant.

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