DogTrace D-Control 1000

Sophisticated electronic instruments, such as collars that allow to maintain a consistent and efficient contact, are a must-have tool to keep your hunting dog under control nowadays. Electronic collars, varying and depending on the models, may fulfill one or more functions during the training process and on the hunting field. Czech-based VNT Electronics S.r.o., doing business under the DogTrace trademark, introduced for 2013 a new training collar, dubbed the D-Control 1000, as an add-on to its well-known line of D-Control collars. It consists of a collar and a linked transmitter, through which you may train your dog effectively and with astounding results. The transmitter, akin to a TV remote control in terms of conception and function, may issue up to three commands: a warning sound beep, a brief pulse and a stronger, corrective pulse.

Intensity of electric pulses can be easily set according to the needs of the trainers and to the dog's own ability to respond to commands. The DogTrace D-Control 1000 features a modern-technology electronic system, based upon a single-chip microprocessor unit and a wireless communication system. Lightweight (about 175 grams overall) and ergonomic, the DogTrace D-Control 1000 collar can be used on small and medium-size dogs, and is designed for everyday and professional constant use: its electric pulse system can be set on thirty different levels, and also features a sound function and a recall option. Totally waterproof, DogTrace's new and powerful training collar is an interesting and viable alternative for those hunters and trainers who want to train their hunting dogs efficiently and get good results.