Blaser Active Outfits

Being the winner of the popular trophy “Goldener Keiler” for the Argali2 Jacket Winter, Blaser presents the innovative active outfits collection autumn/winter in the new 2011/12 catalog. Popular for cutting edge function and quality the label active outfits stands for comfort, style and class.

Quite classic in design, the Blaser Active Outfits clothing actually takes full advantage from the use of some well-established modern textiles (Teflon, Thinsulate, Primaloft, ComforMax), as well as of some other newly-conceived elements, such as the RamTex tissue, an extremely though yet comfortable and soft tissue that looks very similar to the classic chamois, yet results impervious to dirt and will tend to dry out very fast after getting wet.

Other Blaser Active Outfits pieces of clothing will feature the RamBrane textile, conceived for Park Rangers uniforms, featuring both extreme waterproof and transpiration properties, to provide the highest levels of comfort even to the most unforgiving hunters, used to practice their sport in the most harsh environmental conditions.