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Video: Fratelli Piotti fine guns

F.lli Piotti's safe

Manuel, Fabio, Rudy and Sergio Piotti have been producing fine weapons for 50 years. Today they are one of the world's reference points for those hunters who want a jewel instead of a gun.

The Team of / Alberto Bosa

Unique guns that combine the classic with the modern, coupling tradition with innovation and uniting charm and precision. 

A laboratory that houses 14 people  in total, each of them intimately in love with her/his craft, which in more than 1000 hours of work, starting from solid blocks, piece after piece, manage to create a work of art that is also able to shoot.

Giorgia Contessa from Piotti Brothers working on an engraving 
Giorgia in her atelier working on an engraving.
Piotti's rifle
A Fratelli Piotti's rifle based on a Mauser-type action.

A long time to make each piece not only unrepeatable and unique, but also embellish it with the amazing engravings by Giorgia Contessa.

We from all4hunters witnessed the various stages of this refined processing and we'll tell you about them in this video. Enjoy it.

For more information please visit Armi Fratelli Piotti website.

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