Leupold “Golden Ring”

Leupold's “Golden Ring” HD binoculars are high-performance optics that feature superior color fidelity, contrast, and resolution, thanks to superior technology including the Leupold exclusive Index Matched Lens System®, HD  technology and DiamondCoat™ lenses. High-definition, calcium-fluoride lenses and plasma-coated prisms push that performance to the very limits. The clarity, brightness, contrast, and color fidelity are stunning, even to sophisticated binocular users.

The key to these optics’ performance is Leupold’s exclusive Index Matched Lens System™. Each lens coating is matched specifically to the type of glass and the lens placement in the binocular. The result is a standard of brightness, clarity, and color fidelity like you’ve never seen before. For sensing those subtle variations of color and shade, or pulling out crucial details for a positive ID, these are the binoculars you will want in hand.

• Interpupillary Distance Lock (IPD) ‒ lock in the distance between your eyes, so no adjustments are necessary during use. You can easily use your binoculars one-handed.

• Phase coated prisms ‒ super reflective prism coatings work with the lens system to eliminate diffraction and ensure peak clarity.

• Index Matched Lens System™ ‒ extraordinary light transmission, and incredible brightness,  clarity, contrast and color fidelity.

• Generous eye relief and twist-up, retractable eyecups ‒ easy and comfortable to use with glasses or without.

• Ergonomic design ‒ easy to grip, with a good in-hand fit, they actually become more comfortable the longer you hold them.

• Superb close focus ‒ with close focus distances as near as 4.9 feet, even butterflyers can use these outstanding binoculars.

• Wider perspective ‒ with a field of view of up to 386 feet at 1,000 yards, for quick acquisition of birds on a branch or on the wing.

• Leupold’s signature brown armor coating ‒ these binoculars feature Leupold’s new signature color for all Golden Ring observation products.

• Accessories included ‒ your Golden Ring binoculars come with neck strap, case, and custom one-piece eyepiece and objective covers.

• Rugged, waterproof, guaranteed for life ‒ like all Leupold Golden Ring optics, these binoculars will perform in even the worst conditions, and are covered by the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee.

Leupoldʼs Golden Ring optics are designed, machined, and assembled entirely at the Beaverton (Oregon) factory; the distinctive Golden Ring is your guarantee that they’ll give you legendary Leupold ruggedness, absolute waterproof integrity, and outstanding optical performance. They’re covered by the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee, the best consumer protection in the industry. In short, when you get a Leupold “Golden Ring” binocular, you put 100 years of optics and birding experience in the palm of your hand.