Bushnell “Élite Tactical” DMR and HDMR riflescopes

Bushnell Elite Tactical HDMR
Bushnellʼs “Élite Tactical” HDMR riflescope has been jointly-developed with Horus Vision

Bushnell Outdoor Products has introduced four new Bushnell Elite Tactical HDMR and DMR 3.5-21×50 mm Riflescopes. These scopes are part of the Bushnell extended range riflescope (ERS) family designed to give tactical marksmen a powerful optic that works equally well in short or extended range shooting applications. The Bushnell Elite Tactical HDMR is available with the Horus H59 and TreMor 2 reticles, and the Elite Tactical DMR features the G2DMR, and Mil-Dot reticles.

The 3.5-21×50 mm riflescope gives shooters the flexibility of a wide field of view at low power settings, while providing outstanding image clarity at high magnification. Featuring a 34 mm one-piece aircraft grade aluminum alloy tube, these scopes offer professional-grade toughness in a package just over 13 inches long. The large tube combined with the 50 mm objective lens provides increased light transmission and 29 mils of elevation (5 mils per revolution), allowing shooters to dial-up for extended range shots. Lift-Lok locking target turrets insure that adjustments stay constant, and the side parallax adjustment offers image clarity at all ranges.

Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR
The Bushnell “Élite Tactical” DMR riflescope sports a 3.5-21x50mm magnification, ideal for Police uses and for long-range sport shooting

The non-illuminated, first focal plane riflescope is available with four popular reticle options. Bushnell has partnered with Horus Vision to offer two of the company’s leading reticles in the HDMR: H59 and TreMor 2. The Horus H-59 reticle is a fine grid optical system that doesn’t obscure targets at longer ranges and eliminates the need for manual adjustments. Also available from Horus, the TreMor 2 reticle makes precision long range shooting faster by allowing the shooter to quickly and accurately mil targets by utilizing its chevron shape.

The G2DMR reticle is a non-illuminated first focal plane reticle that is designed to provide precise aiming at long distances. It uses .5 mil hash marks with the addition of .1 mil hash marks at the end of the stadia. Considered as the standard by many tactical shooters, the final reticle offered in the DMR is the Mil-Dot.

Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR reticle
Bushnellʼs “Élite Tactical” DMR riflescope can feature either the G2DMR stadiametric grid reticle or a simpler Mil-Dot reticle

The Bushnell HDMR and DMR represent the best in fully multicoated optics. Each riflescope is enhanced with an anti-reflection coating designed to allow the best possible light from the front glass to the eyepiece. In addition, an Ultra Wide Band Coating delivers 95 percent light transmission across more of the visible light spectrum than ever before, resulting in unprecedented low-light performance.

The scope is 100 percent waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. Add in the patented RainGuard HD lens coating from Bushnell, and this scope is ready to perform rain or shine. The permanent, water-resistant lens coating causes moisture from rain, snow, sleet and condensation to bead up and scatter less light assuring usability no matter what the environmental conditions. To ensure long-lasting fog-free performance, the riflescope is Argon-purged, providing added protection against internal corrosion and promoting longer seal life.

Bushnell-Horus reticles
Bushnellʼs “Élite Tactical” HDMR riflescope comes equipped with either the H-59 or the TreMor 2 ballistic reticle, both developed by Horus Vision

Introduced in 2012, the new Bushnell Bulletproof Guarantee gives consumers a 100 percent money-back guarantee on every riflescope in the Elite Tactical family. Within one year of the date of purchase, consumers can return the product to Bushnell for a full refund. No questions asked.

The H59 and TreMor 2 DMRs are available for a suggested retail price of $1549, and the G2DMR and Mil-Dot reticle options are available for $1399.

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