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Primarily for sports use, today the Minox wildlife cameras meet many hunting requirements to perfection. The world of hunting is one where management of the territory, the control and study of wildlife species, as well as the careful and knowledgeable observation of continuous changes in nature, are essential. These wildlife cameras are an indispensable aid for selective hunters who can use them to see what kind of game usually inhabits a certain area, but they can also be used as very effective surveillance cameras.

Minox DTC700 wildcamera
The latest technology applied to systems that are simple and intuitive to use; these are the distinctive features of the Minox wildlife cameras.

But hunting aside, the Minox wildlife cameras might be just what you need to keep your property under surveillance. Let's take a close look at the features of two of the latest models in the vast Minox range, the DTC 700 and DTC 1100 wildlife cameras.

Minox dtc700 package
One of the latest Minox launches is the DTC 700. Thanks to the box supplied, the camera can easily be installed and removed to check the photos.

Камера наблюдения Minox DTC 700

The DTC 700 wildlife camera is characterised by an intelligent, compact design and is extremely intuitive to use. 

Simple installation is one of the strong points of this product, thanks to the box supplied, in which the camera can easily be installed and removed to check the photos saved or to adjust the settings. 

The wildlife camera has a Minoctar lens, with a powerful IR flash fitted with a black filter that makes it absolutely invisible to the human or animal eye. Efficiency and image quality are guaranteed even in poor visibility or total darkness, up to a maximum range of 15 metres.

Minox 2-inch screen
The Minox DTC700 wildlife camera has a built-in 2‑inch screen. The battery can last for over 6 months.

The shutter release on the Minox DTC 700 is faster than one second when the wildlife camera is battery powered, and less than 0.2 seconds when powered off the mains at 9 V. Minimal maintenance is required and the battery can last for over six months in continuous use. 

All the data is saved on an SD card and can be displayed on an external device using the USB cable supplied, or displayed directly on the wildlife camera using the built-in 2” display. A polymer chassis with a door is used to protect the Minox DTC 700 wildlife camera from external agents, rain, damp, cold and dust.

The wildlife camera is available in the Realtree camouflage version, which makes it practically invisible in the woods, and it is supplied with a USB cable and mounting strap.

Minox DTC 1100
Strong, reliable and simple to use, if you install a SIM card in the Minox DTC 1100 you can choose from a list of operators providing the best coverage for the area to send the photos by SMS or email.

Камера наблюдения Minox DTC 1100

The Minox DTC 1100 has some of the same features as the above model, but it also has additional functions and developments such as the GSM and 4G functions that make it a truly “interactive” wildlife camera. 

The photos or videos taken by the DTC 1100 wildlife camera are quickly sent to the user's mobile phone or email address. Installing the camera with a mobile phone system could not be easier: just insert a valid SIM card and the Minox DTC 1100 will immediately let you choose an operator from the preinstalled list of operators using a Plug-and-Play quick access interface.

Data storage and transfer is safe and reliable. In fact, if the Minox DTC 1100 wildlife camera is installed in an area with poor coverage, the DTC 1100 will automatically select the best connection (GSM or 4G) to guarantee uninterrupted data transmission.

Minox DTC 1100 camouflage
The Minox DTC 1100 wildlife camera also offers other new features, such as GSM and 4G to connect and transfer data directly to your mobile phone or email address.

The IR LED flash on the wildlife camera has the same black filter as the DTC 700 but a greater range of up to 18 metres. 

The remote control function lets the operator send an SMS to the Minox DTC 1100, telling it to take a photo and send it immediately. 

If you are using the camera for surveillance, scheduled photo taking can be a very useful option as it does not rely directly on the sensor picking up movement. As well as being able to schedule the Minox DTC 1100 wildlife camera to turn on and off, the "Time Lapse" function also lets you configure the device to take a photo at intervals of time from as short as every 10 seconds to as long as every 12 hours without the sensor being activated by movement. 

Minox DTC 1100 GSM and 4G green version
Available in the green or camo version, the Minox 1100 wildlife camera has a range of 18 metres and lets you programme scheduled continuous shots for constant monitoring.

The adjustable sensitivity function means the wildlife camera will only be activated when the desired persons or animals are detected, excluding irrelevant movement such as branches or other vegetation. The shutter release on the Minox DTC 1100 is faster than one second and a single shot or five photos in a burst can be taken. 

Colour photos are taken in day mode and black & white in night mode. Image resolution is HD 1280 x 720, and 640 x 480 for video, which can range from 5 to 30 seconds long.

All the data is saved on a removable SD card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. 

Fox image with Minox DTC 1100
The quality of the photos taken by the Minox wildlife camera is sharp and reliable even in poor natural lighting conditions or total darkness, with the black filter making the IR LED flash invisible to humans and animals.

You can display saved photos and videos directly on the 2” screen, while the technological heart of the Minox DTC 1100 wildlife camera is protected by a polymer case. There is also a protective theft-proof security box available as an optional accessory.

The Minox DTC 1100 also comes with an installation strap, SD card and USB cable. 

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