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EnforceTac IWA 2015

HERA Arms HASTA single-shot accessory shotgun
03/06/2015 - Enforce Tac 2015 / HERA Arms showcased the single-shot HASTA undercarried weapon system in .410 gauge
B&T AG P26 and KH9 semi-automatic pistols
03/06/2015 - Enforce Tac 2015 / B&T AG showcased the 9mm, large-frame P26 and KH9 semi-automatic pistols!
FN Minimi Mk3 upgraded light machine gun
03/06/2015 - Enforce Tac 2015 / FN Herstal showcased the 7,62x51mm and 5,56x45mm caliber Minimi Mk3 light machine gun system
Madritsch Weapon Technology ML40 Mk1 and Mk2 grenade launchers
03/06/2015 - Enforce Tac 2015 / The Madritsch KG Weapon Technology company showcased its ML40 line of modular grenade launchers
SIG Sauer P320, a modular pistol design
03/06/2015 - Enforce Tac 2015 / SIG Sauer showcases the P320 modular striker-fired semi-automatic pistol for service and defensive purposes
Rheinmetall SHGR07 airburst hand grenade
03/06/2015 - Enforce Tac 2015 / Rheinmetall showcased the SHGR07 defensive hand grenade with airburst effect at the 2015 edition of the EnforceTac exhibition

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