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Dallera Custom ADC-15

Italian-based ADC - Armi Dallera Custom showcased its AR-15 based rifles and carbines at the HIT Show!

02/23/2015 - HIT Show 2015 / Armi Dallera Custom showcased its ADC-15 line of rifles at the HIT Show /

For some years, now, the ADC - Armi Dallera Custom company − an Italian gunmaker already well known for its 1911-type custom race pistols − has been marketing a line of AR-15 based semi-automatic rifles and carbines of extremely high quality conceived for top-level sporting and competition purposes.

Dubbed the ADC-15, Armi Dallera Custom's line of modern sporting rifles is enjoying a good level of commercial successes both in Italy and elsewhere in Europe; as the years went by, the ADC-15 line grew up to feature a wide array of variants, all different per total and barrel lenghts, calibers, furniture, and even colors.

As a matter of fact, currently the ADC - Armi Dallera Custom ADC-15 line of rifles and carbines include pistol-caliber variants (chambered in 9x19mm "Parabellum", 9x21mm IMI and many others), 5,56x45mm/.223 Remington stockless pistol variants, as well as carbines and rifles chambered in 5,56mm/.223, .300 AAC "Blackout" and even .308 Winchester.

In the year 2015, ADC will be boosting its ADC-15 line of rifles and carbines and its related production, including a series of high-end components such as sears and many others. Furthermore, starting in 2015, the ADC-15 rifles will be available with an NP3 scratc-proof coating, offering superior resistance to use and abuse, as well as to any aggressive environmental element.

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