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Reload Swiss powders

Reload Swiss: an excellent line of propellants guaranteed to satisfy the needs of all reloaders!

02/19/2015 - HIT Show 2015 / The Reload Swiss powders were showcased by the Italian importer, Bignami S.p.A. /

At the 2015 edition of the HIT Show, at the Vicenza fairgrounds, the Bignami S.p.A. company showcased some formulations of the Reload Swiss line of powders: a line of Swiss-made propellants conceived to provide the best performance to all shooters and in the reloading of all ammunition, from small pistol calibers to Magnum rifle ammunition. 

The Reload Swiss RS50 is a rifle ammunition powder conceived for medium calibers; the RS52 is an improved version thereof, conceived for the reload of those rounds that should provide a longer range and a higher accuracy.

The Reload Swiss RS70 is a more universal propellant, although mostly conceived for Magnum rifle rounds such as .300 Winchester Magnum and similar, while the improved RS80 is conceived for even higher Magnum calibers, such as .338 Lapua Magnum. 

The Reload Swiss line also includes the RS20 and RS24 propellants, specifically conceived for small and medium pistol and revolver calibers, and the RS30 propellant for small-caliber carbine rounds and big-bore revolver calibers.

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