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HIT Show 2015

Chiappa Firearms at the 2015 HIT Show
02/19/2015 - HIT Show 2015 / Redolfi Armi − the official license for Chiappa Firearms distribution in Italy − showcased several new and old models at the Vicenza fairgrounds
Glock pistols, showcased by Bignami
02/15/2015 - HIT Show 2015 / The Italian importer of Glock pistols showcased some of the Austrian company's latest products
Heckler & Koch HK243
02/20/2015 - HIT Show 2015 / The Heckler & Koch HK243 .223 Remington line of semi-automatic rifles was on display at the TFC booth
Individual protection training and simulations a success at the 2015 HIT Show
02/24/2015 - Stages and practical simulations on individual protection and field-testing of defensive handguns were a mainstay of the HIT 2015 HIT Show in Vicenza (Italy): a rich program that will evolve even further in the next editions
SIG Sauer pistols on stand in Italy
02/18/2015 - HIT Show 2015 / Some of the latest and most sought-after pistols from the SIG Sauer brand were showcased at the new expo in Vicenza (Italy)
Mauser M-12 Extreme
02/15/2015 - HIT Show 2015 / The Mauser M-12 Extreme bolt-action hunting carbine is built on a black polymer stock

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