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Remington Arms 1911 R1

Remington 1911R1

01/15/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Remington Arms: 1911 R1, line of semi-automatic, single-action pistols
Remington 1911 R1
Remington 1911 R1

The Remington Arms Company introduces four new models in the highly successful 1911-R1 line of semi-automatic, single-action pistols. 

First and foremost, two new additions integrate the “Enhanced” line of tactical and sports shooting handguns: a 9x19mm version of the full-size “Enhanced” model – previously only available in .45 ACP – and a CT version in .45 coming factory-issued with Crimson Trace laser-grips. 

Both will feature Novak rear sights, fiber-optic front sights, skeletonized hammer and trigger, and Match-grade barrel. Two “Commander”-sized variants will also add to the lineup. 

The1911-R1 “Commander” is a 4.¼”-barrel variant of the baseline 1911-R1 model, otherwise sporting the same features and furniture as the full-size model; the “Carry Commander” version is instead upgraded with many of the features of the “Enhanced” line, for additional proficiency in carry and defense purposes. Both will be available in .45 ACP, and will ship with seven-rounds magazines.

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