Arsenal Firearms LRC
01/15/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Arsenal Firearms: LRC kit conversion to turn the Strike One in a subcarbine for sport sho
Smith & Wesson M-460 XVR Performance Center
01/15/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Smith & Wesson: M-460 XVR Performance Center is a 5-shot double-action revolver chamb
Umarex PPS
01/20/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Umarex: PPS, CO2-powered 177-caliber airgun replica of the Walther PPS
Chiappa Rhino Poly-Lite
01/16/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Chiappa: Rhino PolyLite revolver 
Kahr Arms CT40 and CT45
01/23/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Kahr Arms: CT40 and CT45, two full-size, semi-automatic pistol
Arsenal Firearms AF-1 Strike One
01/15/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Arsenal Firearms: AF-1 Strike One, semi-automatic pistol, finally imported in the United

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