VIDEO: Raniero Testa and his Winchester SX3

Picking up where legends such as Tom Knapp and Patrick Flanigan left, Italian-born Raniero Testa is the new globally acclaimed king of exhibition sharpshooting. Since 2012, he repeated his record-holding performance of twelve clay targets launched and shot with a semi-automatic shotgun in a single row for four times, with a fifth attempt scheduled to take place soon in Dubai.

In February 2014, he also established a new record with a scoped semi-automatic rifle, hitting five clay targets placed on the ground 10 metres away in one second, and five running boar targets 50 metres away, once again in one second, and all in a single row!

A top shooter for the Winchester Team, Raniero Testa has had a special edition of the Winchester SX3 semi-automatic shotgun named after him by the company. That's right: the shotgun you can buy at your local gun store is the same with which Raniero Testa literally pulverized all previous records!

A few weeks ago, Raniero Testa was interviewed by and provided us with an exclusive insight on his shooting sports career and experiences, particularly with the Winchester Repeating Arms company and the SX3 shotgun.

Enjoy our video! You may discover you have something in common with the undisputed recordman Raniero Testa!

Raniero Testa: Winchester official shooter!
The Winchester SX3 semi-automatic shotgun, here in the Raniero Testa Special Edition!
Raniero Testa: Winchester official shooter!
The WINCHESTER SX3 in full action in the hands of the Italian Top Shooter Raniero Testa, World Record holder for shooting 12 clay targets in one single row!
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