Krieghoff KX-6: Trap Shotgun for Sporting Competitions

Flexibility, durability and reliability – those are the attributes that hunters and marksmen worldwide associate with the high-quality hunting and sporting firerms built by Krieghoff. The sporting shotguns from the renowned manufacturer are manufactured based on the experience, expertise and cooperation with outstanding marksmen. From the muzzle to the butt plate, they are optimized for each discipline and allow perfect adaptation to the individual marksman's requirements. The manufacturer from Ulm is able to realize this concept without any compromise. Even the latest model, the KK-6 Trap shotgun, reveals the continuous dynamic in the development of Krieghoff sporting and competition shotguns.

Krieghoff KX-6 Trap Shotgun: The Technical Details

Barrel of the Krieghoff trap shotgun KX-6
The trap shotgun Krieghoff KX-6 is supplied with an impact accuracy of 60/40. However, the adjustable rib can be adapted so that the competition shotgun fires at 80/20.

The Krieghoff KX-6 single-barreled trap shotgun was specially developed for sporting competitions and has the appropriate features. Consequently, it helps the marksman in achieving his personal maximum performance as far as possible. The sporting shotgun is available with a standard barrel length of 86 cm and comes equipped with factory steel chokes. These are changeable chokes with knurling, including three choke inserts and a choke key as part of the standard version. In addition, the manufacturer offers extra changeable chokes made of titanium. With a caliber of 12/76, the Krieghoff KX-6 weighs in at 3.4 kg on the scales.

Adjustable ribs allowing simple adjustment of the impact accuracy, and thus incorporating your own preferences, are one of the typical brand features of the Krieghoff trap shotguns. The KX-6 is supplied with an impact accuracy of 60/40 and can be specially adjusted to 80/20. The rib lies in a freely adjustable position on the barrel, which expands along the length as the material becomes warmer. As such, the impact accuracy is always guaranteed and completely uninfluenced by heat expansion. The twelve-millimeter rib is conically adjustable. A well-designed bead sight with a white contract insert and a mid-sight made of brass complete the outstanding sight.

The trigger too of the Krieghoff KX-6 allows the sports marksman some individualization. It is adjustable not only in the length but also in terms of trigger resistance. It is manufactured with a default setting of approximately 1.3 kg. The black nitrocarburized receiver made of steel and the chrome-plated chamber make the shotgun especially robust. In addition, each Krieghoff KX-6 is test-fired with steel shot in the factory.

Krieghoff KX-6 Trap Shotgun: Functional Stock with Added Benefits

Stock of the trap shotgun Krieghoff KX-6
The comb of the Krieghoff KX-6 trap shotgun is individually adjustable, while the special stock design ensures recoil is reduced.
Extending stock length of the trap shotgun KX-6
The butt stock length of the Krieghoff KX-6 trap shotgun can be easily adapted individually using distancing plates.

The stock of a shotgun is not just aesthetically important, but also of critical importance for the marksman in terms of fast and intuitive target tracking. The Krieghoff KX-6 shotgun comes with a stock length of 370 mm as standard. The streamlined stock design ensures recoil is reduced, and the comb is adjustable. The wood used for the stock is T-wood (optically enhanced walnut). The “trap” fore-stock with its slanted end is one of the functional details of the stock design.

Krieghoff offers as an additional feature, among other things, an adjustable butt plate and distancing plate for widening stock length. Thanks to the adjustable stock plate, recessing, offset and pitch can be optimized to individual requirements and to millimeter accuracy. The adjustable butt plate is available not just for new weapons, but also for retrofitting. In addition, the length of the butt stock of the Krieghoff KX-6 trap shotgun can be adapted simply and easily thanks to the 6.5 mm distancing plates – entirely according to individual needs.

Butt plate adjustment
The adjustable butt plate of the Krieghoff KX-6 allows a recessing of up to 26.6 mm, and an offset of up to 37 mm. As well as being adjustable in terms of its stock length, the trap shotgun offers optimal adaptability to personal requirements.

Krieghoff KX-6 Trap Shotgun: Our Conclusion

Weapons case for the Krieghoff KX-6 trap shotgun
The trap shotgun Krieghoff KX-6 comes in a high-quality weapons case, which ensures maximum convenience when carrying and transporting it.

The ergonomic design alone, which makes loading easier and noticeably reduces recoil, makes the Krieghoff KX-6 trap shotgun a functional masterpiece. Sports marksmen will without a doubt particularly value the optimal adaptability to their personal requirements. The high-quality and long lifespan of the competition shotgun promises not just success but also fun when shooting – and for years to come.

Those for whom the proven qualities of Krieghoff sports shotguns with their modern features are not quite enough will be pleased to hear that individual special features are possible on request. The Krieghoff KX-6 shotgun comes supplied in a high-quality weapons case at a non-binding price of around EUR 4,300 from specialized dealers (incl. VAT, last updated November 2016). In the standard edition it may not be cheap, yet it is considerably more reasonable than a Krieghoff K-80 or a K-20 in the same caliber.

You can find further information on the Krieghoff KX-6 trap shotgun on the manufacturer’s website.

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