KEL TEC KSG-25 pump-action shotgun

The new model of the cutting-edge, modular-built KSG pump-action shotgun with its bullpup design and extra-long, 30.5” (77.5 cm) barrel is a real beast from the innovative US manufacturer Kel-Tec when it comes to firepower. 

The pump-action shotgun KEL TEC KSG-25
Pump your heart out: the KSG-25 packs a jaw-dropping magazine capacity.

Company specs state that the KSG-25 weighs 4.2 kg unloaded and around 5.2kg when loaded. Indeed, the two tube magazines in the smooth barrel can fit 21 shells in 12/76 or 25 in 12/70! 

In other words: the KSG-25 holds three times the firepower of a conventional pump-action shotgun. 

The weapon is scheduled for release in the third quarter of the year and will cost around US$ 1,400.

Specifications and price of the KEL TEC KSG-25 pump action shotgun

Caliber:12/70, 12/76
Magazine capacity:24+1, 20+1 Patronen
Barrel lenght:77,5 cm (30'')
Weight:4,2 kg
Overall Length: 965 mm
Price:1.400,- US-Dollar (manufacturer's UVP)

For more information on KEL TEC products, visit the company's website.

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