Fausti Magnificent: over/under sporting shotgun

In Vicenza at the Fausti stand, we had the chance to admire and handle many fine hunting guns, and also take a good look at a sporting gun. 

The Magnificent over/under smoothbore leaves nothing to chance when it comes to elegance, as can be expected from a Fausti gun, with its rich engravings on the action and the use of fine woods. Its perfectly functional character is a must in a sporting gun, and the stock can be adjusted to suit the shooter's needs. 

The Magnificent is available in all the main gauges, from 12-gauge to 20, 28-gauge and to .410 bore. "It's a very popular gun, and shooters who have chosen it are very pleased with its performance," says federal shooting instructor Cesare Gariboldi, testimonial for Fausti.

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