Fausti XF4, L4 and Magnificent: shotguns made for competition

Fausti shotguns are designed to offer hunters and shooters guns with precise and reliable mechanical characteristics, in an extremely elegant design where meticulous attention is paid to detail. 

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Fausti competition over/unders

These features are found not only in Fausti’s hunting shotguns but also in their range of competition shotguns; three over/under models designed, built and engraved to meet the customer’s specific requirements. 

When talking about competition shotguns we are of course referring to the Fausti L4 over/under, a recent restyling of the Primatist P4; the Fausti Magnificent over/under, with particularly elegant engraving and the latest release of 2017, and the XF4 available in three different finishes, Black, Gold and Platinum: an over/under shotgun with a revised mechanism in a captivating design intended to arouse the interest of a wide range of shooters.

One thing all Fausti competition over/under shotguns have in common is that the main components can be customised to suit the ergonomic characteristics of the shooter, for the best possible performance on the platform. 

This means adjustable stocks made-to-measure to each athlete’s preferred setup, with a pistol or half pistol grip, as well as a choice of rounded, semi-beavertail or Schnabel forend. 

Last but not least, aesthetic details to suit a variety of tastes, as is the case with the Magnificent, a shotgun that’s made its mark in various competitions, available in several versions with or without long sideplates deeply laser-engraved with hand-finished floral motifs.

Fausti L4 shotgun
The L4 over/under is a modern Fausti restyling available in 12, 20, 28-gauge and .410.

Fausti L4 over/under

The L4 over/under has the antique silver finished action of a simple yet elegant gun. 

The Box Lock action is milled from a solid block and the mechanism is single trigger or a single selective system that can be adjusted to your own preferred pull weight. Cartridge ejection is automatic. The gun is available in all commonly-used gauges and bore sizes, 12, 20, 28 and .410. 

Available barrel lengths are 71 – 73 – 76 – 81 cm with standard 70 mm or Magnum 76 mm chambers. There is an optional adjustable pistol stock made of select type A oil-finished walnut, and the butt pad is made of rubber. The forend is available in a rounded, semi-beavertail or Schnabel version. 

Fausti Magnificent over/under

The engraving on the Fausti Magnificent over/under shotgun
The fine engraving on the Fausti Magnificent over/under, which hails to the style of the Italian Renaissance, really makes the gun stand out from the crowd.

This model is available in two versions, the LX without sideplates and the SLX with sideplates. The Box Lock action is milled from a solid forged piece then precision machined by computer numerical control (CNC). 

It is available in the following gauges and bore sizes: 12, 20, 28 and .410. The trigger mechanism is single trigger or a single selective system. Cartridge ejection is automatic. 

Barrel lengths of 71 – 73 – 76 – 81 cm are available with 70 or 76 mm chambers. Chokes are fixed or internal/interchangeable. 

Fausti XF4 over/under

Fausti XF4 skeet shooting over/under
Available in 3 different finishes, the XF4 over/under is the latest release from Fausti in 2017, designed specifically for skeet shooting.

New for 2017, this over/under is characterised by the low profile of the Round Body action. A gas-tight seal and stability is guaranteed by the four locks on both side profiles of the action and barrels, making this a very solid and hard-wearing gun. 

Perfect for any type of competition shooting, the XF4 is available in Black, Gold or Platinum, in the following gauges and bore sizes: 12, 20, 28 and .410. 

The trigger mechanism is single trigger or a single selective system. Cartridge ejection is automatic. The 71-76- 81 cm barrels are available with 70 or 76 mm chambers and come with a choice of fixed chokes or Fausti XPRO internal, interchangeable chokes. The name of the model is laser-cut in the colours of the different versions and features a skeet in flight. 

For more information, visit the Fausti Stefano Arms website.

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