Fausti Aphrodite over-under for hunting ladies

Fausti Aphrodite
Barbara Fausti showcases the new over-under Aphrodite at SHOT Show 2016

Fausti Aphrodite over-under is the first shotgun of its kind specifically produced by italian manufacturer for female hunters.

Of course Fausti Arms was one of the firstgunmaker (if not the first ever) to produce shotguns fit for female proportions as an obvious consequence to the fact that Fausti sisters are enthusiast hunters and of course they love to field test their guns.

So this Aphrodite pays homage to the ancient greek beauty goddess with a smoot round action available in all calibers ranging from 12 gauge to .410 and barrel lenght ranging from 63 to 76 cenimeters (24 to 30 inches).

The round body ction is richly engraved with a portait of the goddess Aphrodite framed by a gold laurel wreath. The “pirince of Wales” walnut stock is carefully designed to fit the different arm reach of ladies and enhances the utter elegance of this gun. Retail price to be announced.

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