F.A.I.R Racing II Sporting over-under

The “Racing” designation that distinguishes an entire line of over-under shotguns by FAIR is already indicative, suggesting the speed of target engagement with guns designed to ensure shooters accuracy and reliability on the range with a weapon that does not give up a prominent aesthetic value.

Since 1971, the year the company was established, FAIR specialized in the manufacture of shooting and hunting shotguns built with maximum functionality, but always at the forefront of technology and aesthetics, so much so that the company is today at the highest level as a real reference point for over-unders.

Talking specifics about the current Racing II Sporting 12 model, we refer to an over-under that confirms and raises the high standards of both materials and technologies applied in the construction of the entire shotgun range.

Right side of the F.A.I.R over-under Racing II Sporting.
The F.A.I.R Racing II Sporting over-under has a solid and elegant look, thanks to the finish of the receiver which is made from solid blocks, blued and embellished with golden engravings.

F.A.I.R Racing II Sporting over-under: features

Special steels and exclusive locks are the strong points of the RACING models by F.A.I.R.

The entire mechanics of this over-under, from the receiver to the trigger, passing through the fore-end iron and monoblock, is obtained directly from solid forged blocks and machined into the individual parts through latest generation numerical control machine tools. The highprecision standard of these components allows for a complete interchangeability of the parts, facilitating assembly and maintenance of F.A.I.R. guns.

The configurations of the Racing over-under shotguns are all with raised receivers, with a high-quality blued finish and the name of the model in gold inlay, with laser engravings that portray a flying clay on the floorplate and the company logo embellishing the overall look of the shotgun.

The locking system adopted, with a large bolt and two underlugs, ensures a solid and constant lock-up even in the face of an exasperated use of the shotgun. The perforated palm design of the opening lever is also particularly refined. The mechanical precision of the technology combines the craftsman’s care in the finishes and the accurate set-up that characterizes the end-product and the final look of F.A.I.R shotguns.

Barrel of the F.A.I.R over-under Racing II Sporting.
The Racing II Sporting over-under barrels are manufactured by bar drilling. They are made from special tri-alloyed steel and protected by an internal chrome lining that preserves durability and accuracy over time.

To guarantee constant accuracy and firearm longevity, the Racing II Sporting over-under barrels are produced in special trialloyed steel and obtained by bar drilling with internal barrel and chamber chrome lining to ensure greater protection against corrosion over time.

Available barrel lengths are 28 in / 71 cm and 30 in / 76 cm, supplied with a set of internal and interchangeable Technichoke Sporting XP70 chokes.

The 0.6 in / 15 mm flat top rib is one of the hallmarks of the 12-gauge Racing II over-under.

The rib is 0.4 in / 11mm wide and ventilated with anti-reflection checkering, ending with a red interchangeable fiber optic sight with a triple insert. The side rib is instead concave and ventilated. The large extractors are selective automatic. Trigger is single-selective and adjustable, while locks feature spiral springs and hammers with double safety catch.

The wood used by F.A.I.R. for the Racing II Sporting over-under is selected, oil-finished FX-Wood European walnut with a Optowood patented protection from external agents that gives the stock and forend grain an always vivid and elegant look over time.

The stock has an ergonomic Montecarlo sporting design with XR-Stock comb/heel adjustment system and an oil-resistant double rubber pad to reduce the negative effects of the recoil.

The checkering design is new, with a fine laser-made rounded design and double grip checkering. The F.A.I.R. Racing II Sporting over-under stock has a length of 14.5 in / 368 mm with a heel drop of 2.20-2.28 in / 56-58 mm and a comb drop of 1.41-1.49 in / 36-38 mm.

At 130.5 oz / 3.7 kg the weight of this over-under is standard for its category and intended use, well balanced to help the shooter during the range sessions with stability and accuracy in doubling the shots.

The Racing II Sporting shotgun is shipped by F.A.I.R. with a V500SP-H thermoformed transport case at a competitive retail price of 2.561 euro, VAT included.

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