Fossari CRX9 Sporting over-and-under: the field test

We tested the CRX9 over-and-under from the new Fossari line in the Sporting version. Whether neophytes or professional shooters, the over-and-under shotguns of the Fossari line will undoubtedly appeal to an audience of demanding users who want good firearms to achieve the desired results on the range. The aesthetic appearance with which the CRX 9 over-and-under presents itself is that of a sober but sleek gun, consonant with the sports environment where functionality has absolute priority but an attractive design doesn't hurt. The receiver machined from a solid steel billet features a matte bluing that perfectly matches the polished finish of the barrels and the finish of the select walnut stock, which is oil- and hand finished. 

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Details and price of the Fossari over-and-under 

The receiver of Fossari over-and-under and all mechanical parts are machined from solid forged billets.

The emerald green hard case with its various velvet compartments, well cared for in detail, already hints at the attention devoted by F.A.I.R. to the designing of this over-and-under range to, be placed at high levels. Locking system is the typical Boss type with oversized through-bolt for a solid and secure hold. The hinge pins that are externally decorated with a floral engraving are interchangeable and easy to replace to restore the the gun to pristine condition even after prolonged and continuous use. The forend iron, featuring a replaceable insert, and finally the hardened and blued steel plate inside the breechface, which can also be replaced in case of professional use of the gun, have been designed with the same conception of a rugged over-and-under intended to last and guarantee high performance.

A set of 8 interchangeable chokes makes the Fossari over-and-under capable of firing even steel shot ammunition. Made of steel and nickel plated, they have a gentle lead angle capable of improving patterns. 

The Sporting version of the CRX9 over-and-under we had offers 76- or 81-cm long barrels with a 70-mm or 76-mm chamber. Made of special steel and drilled from bars, the Fossari barrels include an internal geometry consisting of XBORES drilling and X-CONES long forcing cones to ensure fast and well-distributed patterns. Special attention has been paid to the new Tecnichoke HPS choke set designed to offer 8 different choke values in different disciplines. With a length of 90 mm (70 mm internal) and thanks to a smooth lead angle these chokes improve ballistic performance and also allow the use of steel shot ammo. Featuring an internal and external nickel plating, the chokes are available in different values and easy to mount or replace in the field. On request the Montecarlo stock can be equipped, as in our case, with a nosepiece adjustable for height and cast, as well as the trigger pull weight, allowing the shooter to have the gun perfectly adapted in ergonomics to his/her way of shooting with just a few steps.

Field Testing 

During our field test these devices were evident in their functionality, allowing us with a few initial shots to gain immediate confidence with the over-and-under that we tested both on trap and typical sporting course clay pigeons, disciplines the gun is designed for. Using 24- and 28-g Baschieri cartridges, the gun was stable and gentle on the shoulder. The ventilated rubber recoil pad and especially the well-distributed weight of about 3.9 kg contributed greatly to dampening the negative effects of felt recoil. In follow-up shots and quick shooting sessions we wanted to try double clays, almost always succeeding in breaking both targets cleanly and neatly. The impressions that the field test gave us allow us to say that the Fossari line consists of high-technology over-and-unders, in which however all the manufacturing experience in the over-and-under sector gained in more than 50 years of history emerges. The retail price of the Fossari CRX9 over-and-under is approximately 5,350 euros.

The stock of the CRX9 can be fitted with a height- and cant-adjustable comb. On request the trigger can also be adjustable. The grip of the fine-pitch checkering is effective and makes the Fossari's swing precise and secure.

For more information on the CRX9 Sporting over-and-under please visit the Fossari website.

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