F.A.I.R. Carrera One, an over-and-under for sporting disciplines

The F.A.I.R. Carrera One is a new Magnum 12-gauge over-and-under specifically designed to compete in Sporting competitions.

Features of the new F.A.I.R. Carrera One shotgun

Presentation of the new FAIR Carrera One over-and-under shotgun at the SHOT Show 2018.
The F.A.I.R. Carrera One, a Magnum 12-gauge over-and-under, showcased at SHOT Show 2018.

The barrels are made of UM / 8 - HD40  steel and are 29.9 in / 76 cm long, with the proprietary X-Cones system, a soft recoil-damping cone connecting barrel to chamber. The barrels are chrome-lined to guarantee maximum resistance to wear, while the external surfaces feature a deep bluing.

The chokes are 70 mm (2" ¾) interchangeable Technichoke Sporting XP70. The rib is .43 in /11 mm wide and is finely checkered for glare reduction.

The tri-alloyed steel action has a polished blued finish with engravings and the name of the model in gold. The long stroke ejectors are automatic.

F.A.I.R. Carrera One: fully adjustable stock

The trigger is single-selective. The stock is selected European walnut with a Sporting XR-Stock set-up with the possibility of height, right and left cast and dip adjustment. The stock is completed by a double-ventilated rubber pad that helps to reduce the feeling of recoil. The weight of the new F.A.I.R. superimposed is around 7.9 lbs / 3,600 grams. 

The F.A.I.R. Carrera One is sold in a plastic case with combination lock, complete with a set of 5 interchangeable Technichoke Sporting chokes and a key for adjusting the XR-Stock stock. 

The market price has not been announced yet.

FAIR Carrera One, right side
Full view of the F.A.I.R. Carrera One over-and-under shotgun.

Technical data of the F.A.I.R. Carrera One

Carrera One 


Firing chamber:76 cm
Barrel length:
29.9 in / 760 mm

selective single

selected European walnut wood

7.9 lbs / 3,600 g

red fiber optic
Technichoke Sporting

Further information about Carrera One can be found directly on the manufacturer's website.  

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