Fabarm AXIS S&H: 12 gauge shotgun for shooters and hunters

Fabarm AXIS: model and application areas

S&H stands for “Sport & Hunting” and sums up the versatility of this over/under shotgun to perfection; it’s designed specifically to be used in “Sporting” events or “Sporting clay courses”, as well as for hunting live game. Therefore Fabarm expands the AXIS line next to the models R12 Sporting, R12 Sporting QRR and R12 Trap.

Fabarm AXIS S&H: caliber, technical data 

With 12/76 (Magnum) chambers, the shotgun has lightweight 71 or 76 cm-long barrels. It can be fitted with an interesting selection of chokes, which makes the gun even more versatile: three external Sporting chokes, and two internal hunting chokes. The barrels are machined from a solid block with HP calibration and proofed to 1360 bar, as is the tradition for this gun maker from Brescia. 

The gun has a 10/8 conical rib with an intermediate bead front sight. The oil-finished walnut stock is worked by hand with a universal profile and has a medium-large comb that makes it quick and easy to aim and well-suited to both shooting disciplines. 

The action is decorated in a very original way with a matt burnished finish, which highlights the name of the gun in 2-tone enamel. It is also decorated with textured engravings.

Fabarm AXIS S&H: weight and price

The Match-type trigger mechanism lets you adjust the trigger distance; the trigger pull is 1.6 Kg for the first barrel and 1.8 Kg for the second.

The Fabarm AXIS S&H weighs 3.4-3.5 Kg, and sells for €2,200.

For more information, please visit the Fabarm USA website.

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