Chiappa Triple Threat and Triple Crown 20 gauge and 28 gauge shotguns

Chiappa's three-barrelled Triple Threat and Triple Crown shotguns made a sensationn when they were introduced back in 2012; put together by Chiappa solely in its Dayton (Ohio) plant with prime-quality parts supplied by the Turkish-based AKKAR company, the Triple Threat and Triple Crown are now available, by popular demand, in two new 20-gauge and 28-gauge versions.

The 20-gauge cartridge is an excellent choice for home and property defense, while the easy-shooting 28-gauge is a great wing-shooter; and true to its name, the Triple Crown and Triple Threat break-open shotguns – offering two side-by-side barrels with a third one on top – offer versatility and functionality in a stylish design.

The shorter one – the Triple Threat – sports compact 18,5” barrels and a removable buttstock that allows easier storage or the use of the pistol grip only for increased portability and effectiveness in confined spaces.

Chiappa Triple Threat
Chiappa Triple Three

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