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Sporting clays is a form of clay pigeon shooting in which the flight of the clays is designed to simulate the movements of wild birds or lagomorphs like hares and rabbits. It’s a dynamic sport: shooters start without shouldering their gun, so it’s excellent training for the hunting season. 

Caesar Guerini from Marcheno (Italy) follow the sport closely as it’s attracting a growing number of shooters, especially in central-northern Europe. After the SHOT Show in January and the HIT Show in February, the three new models were presented at the Nuremberg IWA in March.

Caesar Guerini Invictus III, Invictus VII e Challenger Ascent

Caesar Guerini Invictus III
The Caesar Guerini Invictus III features a richly engraved steel receiver with elegant gold inlays.

Caesar Guerini Invictus III.

A 12/70-gauge shotgun with replaceable hinge pins which, along with the Invictus block barrel lugs, guarantee the long working life of the shotgun.

This version has 81-cm barrels with ventilated ribs, and the special Maxisbore bore geometry; it also has a Maxischoke choke set. It has a single trigger system and a walnut stock.

The Invictus III weighs 3.5 kg.

Caesar Guerini Invictus VII Sporting
Caesar Guerini introduced a new over-under shotgun of the Invictus series: the VII Sporting with very fine new engravings.

Caesar Guerini Invictus VII.

Another version in the successful Invictus range, the Invictus VII comes with new sideplates and engraving.

As the mechanism of these shotguns is in no need of introduction, we’ll take a look at the esthetic improvements and new finishes, which are more elegant and sophisticated than ever, and hand-finished, depicting hunting scenes. Targeting precision on the other hand is guaranteed by the duocon barrel geometry and the maxisbore and Maxischoke barrel-choke setup.

What’s more, the recently patented DTS Action Control System can be used to adjust how easy it is to open and close the gun using a screw in the forend.

Caesar Guerini Challenger Ascent over-and-under 
The latest evolution of the Challenger Ascent over-and-under by Caesar Guerini showcased at the SHOT Show 2018.

Caesar Guerini Challenger Ascent.

The latest evolution of the Challenger shotgun is chambered for 12/70-gauge, with 81-cm Maxisbore barrels and six interchangeable chokes, which on request can be optimized for steel shot. Trigger pull and travel are adjustable. The stock has an adjustable comb, and can be fitted with the DTS (Dynamic Tuning System), which has three counterweights and two springs that improve the balance of the gun and reduce recoil.

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