Caesar Guerini Invictus VII Sporting, the new over-under

The mechanics of the Invictus system by Caesar Guerini no longer need any introduction. Famous and recognized in the world of shooting so much to be guaranteed by the manufacturer for over a million shots, they are obtained with high-precision CNC machines and consist of a revolutionary locking system that ensures a perfect lock and the durability of the rifle over time.

Caesar Guerini Invictus VII Sporting over-under: features 

Caesar Guerini Invictus VII Sporting at HIT Show 2018
The new Caesar Guerini Invictus VII Sporting over-under presented at HIT Show 2018.

To ensure precision and comfort, thanks to the new internal “Duecon” geometry developed by Caesar Guerini the Maxis Bore barrels equipped with Maxis Chocke system manage to give higher velocity to the pellet pattern, without altering the sphericity and consequently  accuracy on the target.

Everything is confirmed in the Sporting version of the Invictus VII which features further technical improvements and new aesthetic finishes dedicated to lovers of clay target shooting.

To increase the comfort of the shooter when opening and closing the shotgun and to maintain stability over time, inside the forend the forearm bracket has been designed with a new patented device called DTS Action Control System. This allows for a rapid and micrometric friction adjustment by means of a simple key provided with the gun, guaranteeing a constant force even in the face of inevitable changes over time.

The shooter can therefore decide the degree of friction without any compromise between new rifles, which are often too hard in the armament phase and weapons used long and logically loose. Indeed, every detail is so developed in order to always equip the shooter with a state of-the-art shotgun, accurate and reliable.

The same attention to detail is dedicated as always to the aesthetic finishes. You can notice it in the action of the Invictus VII Sporting characterized by hand-finished engravings depicting hunting scenes, with wild game in flight on the surface of the elegant side plates. 

The price of the Invictus VII Sporting over-under is 4581 euro (retail), or 5588.82 euro (VAT incl.).

Caesar Guerini Invictus VII Sporting: technical data 

Model:Invictus VII Sporting
Barrel length:27.9-30-31.8 in / 710-760-810 mm
Upper rib:tapered, ventilated 
Side rib:ventilated
Weight:3800 g / 8.37 lbs
Stock length:14.8 in / 377 mm
Recoil pad:rubber
Sight:spherical, white
Chokes:Maxis Choke competition
5661 USD / 4581 euro (VAT excl.)

For more information on the Invictus VII Sporting rifle visit the Caesar Guerini website.

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