Caesar Guerini Invictus V, over under target shotgun

Caesar Guerini Invictus V
Caesar Guerini Invictus V: the elegant fully-engraved action
Caesar Guerini Invictus V
The new Caesar Guerini Invictus V over/under target shotgun

For 2016, Caesar Guerini has added another gun to its Invictus line, the Invictus V

This new model is based on the same Invictus system technology as its well-known predecessors, and there are some new elements worthy of note. 

One of the most evident features is the elegant, fully engraved side action. It is easy to appreciate the precision and meticulous attention to detail.

As many as four different engraving techniques were used to obtain the final result. The hand-polished finish and the Invisalloy treatment patented by Caesar Guerini, which protects the metal from rust and corrosion, add to the elegance of the gun. 

The deluxe grade Turkish walnut with a half-gloss finish that effectively brings out the colour of the wood and its veining, further enhance the elegant finish of the gun.

Apart from the aesthetic qualities of the Invictus V, the technology has also been upgraded; in particular there is a new DTS II trigger system which makes the trigger action extremely smooth and light, making this over/under ideal for professional target shooters.

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