Caesar Guerini Invictus V Ascent Sporting

The Caesar Guerini Invictus V Ascent over/under Sporting shotgun, with its high rib, helps the shooter set up the shot providing a better view of the target and a more effective spread point of impact to hit moving targets. 

Solid, elegant and well-balanced, this shotgun is a guarantee of quality for professional shooters who want nothing but the best performance from their gun. 

Competition shotguns with a high rib are very popular, but not all of them come with the many configuration options like some Caesar Guerini guns. The Ascent is for the shooter who takes a minimalistic approach: with a 14 mm high tapered rib and a Monte Carlo DTS stock. The barrels and stock were designed to guarantee a balance that lets the shooter aim the shotgun quickly and accurately. 

The Montecarlo DTS stock
The Caesar Guerini DTS system lets shooters customize their competition shotgun by using various options on the stock and barrels, such as the Kinetic Balancer, a system of counterweights that gives the over/under added stability and balance.

Caesar Guerini has invested a great deal in research and development to offer technological solutions that can meet the ever more demanding requests for custom options from end users.

“DTS”, which stands for “Dynamic Tuning System”, is a project that was developed a few years ago based on various studies to optimize some important components of the gun: adjustable top ribs mounted on competition shotguns; competition stock with multidirectional comb, available both in wood and soft rubber; and the “DTS Kinetic Balancer”, a system of counterweights for the stock and barrels, which not only balance the gun but also reduce recoil.

The Ascent rib on the Invictus V over/under
The Ascent rib on the Invictus V gives the shooter a better view for faster target acquisition.

The main purpose of these ribs, depending on their height, is to give the shooter a good view of the target and a correct stance when aiming, as well as giving you the possibility of adjusting the spread point of impact. 

The “DTS” stock has a multidirectional comb that can be adjusted in seven micrometric directions.

Both a wooden stock and, upon request, a stock made of soft “No Impact” rubber are available. Both versions are fully interchangeable.

The stock also houses the optional “DTS Kinetic Balancer”, a system of three counterweights positioned between two springs, which can be adjusted to find the best balance for the hunter’s own shooting style, while also notably reducing recoil to improve the gun’s stability. The stock has a flush full rubber butt plate. 

The Invictus V chromium molybdenum steel barrels are available in 76 and 81 cm lengths. The Caesar Guerini 12-gauge barrels feature a new bore geometry called “Maxisbore” The new bore has been combined with a new forcing cone between chambers and bore called “DueCon”.

“Maxisbore” and “DueCon” increase pellet velocity, reduce deformation, and notably decrease recoil. Another option available to the shooter is the set of eight interchangeable “Maxischoke” Competition internal choke tubes made of high-resistance steel alloy, that give the choke a less extreme angle for better spread distribution.

The Invictus System 
The Invictus Block is a lock made of high-resistance steel located at the center of the action, which is easily replaceable in the event of wear, making the over/under as good as new again.

The action on the Invictus V over/under is a solid forged piece better able to withstand the explosive force of the shots fired. 

The Caesar Guerini Invictus System mechanism, with steel hinge pins, Invictus cam, mounted on the barrels rather than on the action to prevent stress when firing, and the Invictus Block lower barrel lugs, both of which can easily be replaced in the event of significant wear, makes the Invictus over/under practically indestructible as you can make it as good as new.

The adjustable stock and comb on the Invictus V Ascent over/under
The Montecarlo DTS stock on the Invictus V Ascent can be adjusted using the wrench supplied, with the multidirectional wood or soft rubber comb.

The single trigger features micrometric adjustment, to set the trigger just as you want it with even the tiniest change. You can also tune the stock length and select the preferential grip for your gun.

The DTS II trigger on the Invictus V has an extremely clean and light action, making this gun even more precise for professional shooters.

The firing pins have a double sear, and are spring-loaded on spiral, preloaded; constant-effect rebounding coil springs. The second sear is used if the first is damaged. 

The automatic ejectors have an oversized cam milled from a solid piece fitted directly on the ejector. This makes the mechanisms strong enough to guarantee safe and constant ejection. The ejector stop has no sharp edges making the ejection system very reliable even under the most intense use. 

The adjustable single trigger 
The single trigger on the Invictus V Ascent over/under uses the DTS II trigger system, which is cleaner and lighter, and features micrometric adjustment so the shooter can count on the greatest precision.

This gun offers both functionality and safety, with due consideration for the elegance of the finish, which also on the Ascent version is true to the standards set for the Invictus V over/under; rich engraving decorates the metal parts of the action with a flight of game and floral motifs, hand-finished in the Giovanelli workshop. 

Select oil-finished European walnut, which has a greater mass, is used on competition over/under shotguns like the Invictus V as this helps increase the stability and the ergonomic qualities of the gun. 

A wrench supplied with the Caesar Guerini shotgun lets you easily remove the wood to adjust the stock. The Invictus V Ascent Sporting with 76 cm barrels weighs 3.75 kg.

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