A day at the Owls Lodge Shooting School with the Caesar Guerini Invictus

It was just after 10 at the Owls Lodge Shooting School of Longparish, in the county of Hampshire, when the first clays took to the air, each immediately followed by about 30 grams of lead.

We’d been there for over an hour so we’d had time to look around the shooting range, have a coffee, and get some hands-on experience with Richard Faulds’ various Caesar Guerini over/unders.

Caesar Guerini: clay pigeon shooting in England with the Faulds

The Owls Lodge Shooting School firing range
A panoramic view of the Owls Lodge Shooting School run by the Faulds.

Richard & Tanya Faulds, husband and wife and the parents of four children, are both pro clay shooters. Richard won the gold medal in the 2000 Sydney Olympics men's double trap.

But this, while being an important milestone, is just one of the numerous trophies this husband and wife team have won, shooting clays out of the skies all over the world.

Today they run this splendid clay pigeon shooting range in the south of England, every day offering their customers the benefit of their experience and the use of Caesar Guerini shotguns.

The Italian gunsmiths, based in Marcheno (BS), asked the Faulds to endorse their fine arms, shotguns that combine beauty with innovation and quality.

The Caesar Guerini Invictus V, Richard’s gun

Richard Faulds shooting his Caesar Guerini Invictus.
Richard Faulds shooting clays with his Caesar Guerini Invictus.

A gun designed specifically for shooting, both sporting and trap, much appreciated for its modern technical features making it truly invincible.

The action is oversized to increase the contact surfaces, and the contact surfaces have also been increased between the locking lugs and the monobloc.

What’s more, they’re easy to replace to have a gun that’s all but new any time you want, with just a few simple steps.

The trigger system has also been improved, as have the action hinge pins and barrels to optimize the ballistic performance of your shells.

Caesar Guerini Invictus V
70 mm - Maxis Bore
Barrel length71/76/81 cm
3.7 kg
35/55 mm
Stock length377 mm
ChokesMaxis Choke competition

Caesar Guerini Syren, Tanya’s gun

Caesar Guerini Syren
Tanya Faulds’ Caesar Guerini Syren.

A shotgun that hasn’t been adapted to women but designed specifically for women with particular focus on the weight, esthetics, the measurements of the gun and reducing the recoil.

In this case the dimensions of the Syren line differ from those of the traditional models for men, without affecting the balance and handling of the gun.

What’s more, the recoil reduction system provides more recoil reduction than ever, and detailed engraving enriches the gun, giving it something of a lady’s touch.

ModelCaesar Guerini Syren
Caliber12 (20 e 28)
70 mm - Maxis Bore
Barrel length
71/76/81/86 cm
3.7 kg
35/45/64 mm
Stock length356 mm
ChokesMaxis Choke competition

For more information on the Invictus V and Syren shotguns, visit the Caesar Guerini website.

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